January 25, 2020
Olive Jar Lamp Finished

Olive Jar Bottle Craft Project

Once you have made a bottle lamp you will begin to see potential in every glass shaped container.

Do you remember the Tootsie Roll commercial where the kids were singing, ‘Everything I see becomes a Tootsie Roll to me‘? Well, if you’re a bottle crafter the same can be said for any glass container. Our good friend Patty has shared her recent bottle crafting project with us and shows us how she transformed ordinary into extraodinary.

Nick & Silke,

The olive jar transformation is complete. Although it’s not a bottle, I love up lamps and knew I could apply the bottle lamp making techniques that I learned from you to create something unique.

Olive Jar Lamp Finished

Because I planned to use a butterfly clip light in the bottom of the jar, I had to buy a 1 inch diamond drill bit. The bottom of the jar is 1/4 inch thick, and I started by dry drilling, just as I had all the bottles I’ve done. It was immediately apparent that water was going to be necessary. Since the base of the jar is concave, it was perfect for holding a bit of water without needing to make a dam. I had the hole drilled in less than a minute.

The most time consuming part was creating a channel for the cord to sit in, so that it wouldn’t rock. I used two different files, but it was slow going. My hubby suggested wrapping some coarse grit sandpaper around the files, and that was much better and faster.

Olive Jar Lamp Filing

I used a faux mercury glass painting technique to color the clear glass. It was my first attempt, and I think I should have used fewer coats of paint, but I’m still pleased with the results. I used some beaded garland to hide the threads, but I have it sitting on a rather low table, so I may glue some ribbon on the inside as well.

Thanks for your continued guidance and inspiration.

Olive Jar Lamp

If you look at the finished project would you have even been able to guess what the original container was? The transformation is astounding and you really have to appreciate the decorations that bring it all together.

Patty has been a regular contributor to the Bottle-Lamp website and she also helps us manage the Facebook Bottle Crafts DIY page. Below you can follow the link to see some of her other bottle craft projects.

Patty’s Bottle Projects

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3 thoughts on “Olive Jar Bottle Craft Project

  1. Patty,

    I bet it took awhile to do the filing but it was nice to have a concave bottom so you can add some water for the drilling process. Beautiful transformation!

  2. The filing was definitely the most time consuming part, but it was worth it. The 1 inch bit I used was extremely inexpensive, and I was a little dubious about it, but it performed like a champ, once I added the water. Thanks so much.

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