January 18, 2020
Outer Space Vodka Lamp

Outer Space Vodka Bottle Lamp

A bottle lamp that is truly out of this world.

From the Bottle Crafts DIY Facebook page:

A lamp that I made for my brother’s friend’s children made out of a bottle of outer space vodka. I think that the green led bulb is a nice touch.

Jonathan B.

Outer Space Vodka bottle lamp unlit

The silver lamp shade and base give this bottle lamp a nice edge!

Outer Space Vodka bottle lamp lit

The bottles green tinting in combination with the LED light have given this bottle lamp an ominous feel.

A little bit about the bottle itself – is vodka that has been filtered through actual meteorites (five times) and then bottled in a glass alien head. The vodka itself hails from Iowa, and is made from good ol’ Iowan corn, according to its maker.

Source: Slash Gear

We would like to thank Jonathan for sharing his Outer Space Vodka bottle lamp with us.

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