January 18, 2020

Rex-Goliath Lighted Bottle

Thank you Jim for sending in a picture of your very first bottle light!

This Rex-Goliath lighted wine bottle has been adorned with a beautiful green ribbon, a yellow daisy and the letter D in the center of it.

Didn’t it turn out nice? This recycled bottle would make a great gift. (Click on the image to make it larger.)

Jim and Jeanette's Rex Goliath lighted bottle
Jim and Jeanette’s Rex Goliath lighted bottle

Jim and Jeanette also had a question I would like to share and answer here:
“We put a cork in the top & in the hole where the lights are inserted – would this be the reason the bottle got so hot?”

Yes, regular Christmas lights do get warm to the touch and with no air circulation it gets even warmer. Removing the cork on top will help a little bit, but since there are quite a few lights in the bottle it’s not going to make a huge difference. You don’t have any filler in the bottle so it should be just fine. If you leave the bottle on all the time, the fuse will eventually burn out.

To avoid this problem you could use LED lights in future projects. They are more expensive, but don’t give off any heat.

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