January 20, 2020

South Carolina themed Lighted Bottles

We received an email from Jim and Jeanette of DixiewinelvrsBottles.

They are in the process of setting up an Etsy store and also sell their bottle crafts locally. Here is what they said:

Greetings To You Both,

Jeanette just took 5 more SC bottles to a consignment shop here in Travelers Rest. She dropped by a couple weeks ago with one & the owner really liked them & asked for 8 more as she has had quite a few tourists kinda looking for that type. Just thought you might like to place them on your site.

Thanks, Jim & Jeanette

SC Lighted Wine Bottles

Good luck selling your crafts, they are awesome looking bottles.

In a return email we told Jim and Jeanette that we’ll have to look for them if we ever make it to Travelers Rest. Wouldn’t you know it? They graciously offered to play tour guide, take us to very scenic places and asked us to put it on our bucket list! Heck, we only live about 3 hours apart. :) Sweet!

Visit Jim and Jeanette’s Etsy store DixiewinelvrsBottles to see more of their fun and beautifully decorated lighted bottles here.

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