January 21, 2020

The Michelob Keg Lamp by Chuck

Taking the bottle lamp theory and applying it to an empty keg takes this DIY project in a whole new direction.

We got an e-mail from Chuck Singleton that shares his latest lamp project:

Good afternoon,

I have enjoyed your website, YouTube videos and your Newsletters thoroughly.

I have created many lamps and have previously sent you photos of some of those projects.

Just a short time ago I completed another and wanted to share it with you.

Although this is not a glass lamp or bottle, the idea was born from my experiences with you and the media mentioned above.

I was browsing a thrift store for older empty bottles when I came across this Michelob Keg Can.

I thought to myself, why not.  I purchased it and made the lamp.

I hope you enjoy it.

Keep the newsletters and videos coming.

Chuck Singleton


This is awesome. After looking at the pictures my mind was reeling for the right lamp shade for it. I asked him if he had something in mind?

There were plenty of colors to work with in the design on the keg.
image (1)

I had to ask (it’s the DIY’er in me), if he had drilled through the back or go in through the bottom? How did he get the lamp mechanics to fasten to the keg?

O.K., a magician doesn’t like to give away all his secrets so I would totally understand if he was reluctant to answer.


Chuck was more than happy to share his project details:

I actually drilled a hole through the keg pour spout in the back and fed the wire through it. 

I used the large rubber plug that comes in the Lamp kits and with some gentle persuasion I managed to force it in the hole on top in order to fasten the lamp. 

As far as a lamp shade….. my wife is more the decision maker there. I don’t match colors well at all. 


The bottle lamps we’ve seen have varied in size and shape but this keg lamp is a whole new angle. Best of all, it’s has a Christmas theme on it! What Michelob beer fan wouldn’t want this keg lamp as a present for his man cave?

We would like to thank Chuck for sending us his lamp project. Be sure to tell him what you think about it in the comment section below!

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1 thought on “The Michelob Keg Lamp by Chuck

  1. Chuck,

    I just wanted to relate to your part about letting your wife do the color matching. Once the bottle lamp is put together, it goes to Silke for all the decorative touches. :)

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