January 25, 2020

Two lighted bottle projects by Edward

Edward send us the following email: “Good Morning, I wanted to thank you for your website. I’m not much of a hobbyist or DIY’er but have recently had a desire to make oil lamps from Mason Jars and lighted lamps with bottles. I followed your directions for cutting the holes in the bottles and it worked perfectly. I have included images of the two projects I made yesterday. Again, thank you.

I did have two questions if you don’t mind. Concerning the wine bottle with Christmas lights….I used a string of 100 mini lights and the bottle gets quite warm to the touch. Is this normal, should I have used fewer lights? Finally, I wanted to put your suggested “Crystal Fill” in the wine bottle but went to two craft stores and couldn’t find it. Can you tell me where to buy the Crystal Fill? Is it dangerous if it’s too hot inside the bottle? Thanks.


Thank you Edward for your nice email, sending us pictures of your lighted bottles and for sending us your questions as well.

We usually use stings of 35 lights in regular sized wine bottles. They do get warm after using them for an extended time, but we never had problems with the crystal fill melting or anything like that.

We wouldn’t recommend a string of 100 lights inside a glass bottle, unless you use LED lights since they don’t give off any heat. It should be alright to display the bottle you made already with the 100 light string, but don’t add any filler to it, just to be on the safe side.

We have purchased Crystal Fill at our local JoAnn’s store and online. Here is a link to our resources page where we have a list of all the items we use – Bottle Lamp Making Resouces

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