January 20, 2020

Up-Cycled Wine Bottles And Tree

After the holidays you may have driven through your neighborhood and noticed the discarded Christmas tree sitting next to the recycle container full of empty bottles of holiday cheer.

For Farmer Mike, this sight didn’t mark the end of a season but became one of new beginnings.

This is what Farmer Mike wrote:

“Great blog guys!

I like your idea for the bottle tree with the 4by4. I have an idea for the bottle tree that worked out great! Use a real tree. After Christmas I drive around and collect them. Once I get home with a load of them I cut the branches off approx. 18″ from the base of the tree then I cut the limbs so they are about 6-8 inches long. Then I dig a hole and tamp the remaining dirt around the base. I just finished a tree with 2 cases of bottles. Here’s the final result.

Have a great day…Farmer Mike”

Here is the end result!

Up-Cycled Bottle Tree

What better way to recycle both of these things that would otherwise be added to the landfill? With a renewed purpose even the Rooster will have something to crow about.

We would like to thank Farmer Mike for sharing his project with us. Be sure to leave a comment below to let him know what you think. :)

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