January 27, 2020

Upcycled Bottle Art By Michelle K.

We got an e-mail from Michelle with a photo of just one of her many projects that she’s been working on. Here’s what she had to say:

My name is Michelle K and I decided to get into the art of glass bottle up cycling  this last June of 2013. 
I’m hoping to sell some of my art in our local farmers markets & on Craigslist. I live in a very green city, and I think a lot of folks here could really appreciate my artwork. 
I’ve created about 2 dozen pieces over the last month ranging from lamps, plant holders, hanging planters, bird feeders, hummingbird feeders, candle holders (sticks & blocks), hurricane covers (for tealights) & decorative pieces. I’m working on wind chimes, and a handful of other ideas. 

Upcycled Art
Upcycled Art

I am 100% customizable and open to suggestions and ideas. 
I use a G2 glass scorer and slowly drip hot/cold water on the score to break the glass then sandpaper and use a dremmel tool with a glass attachment to sand the glass & create holes for cords, and hangers. 
I had the dremmel tool already – and bought the glass kit for $16 on amazon, and the g2 scorer kit for $12 on amazon. 
My bottles (wine, champagne, soda, beer, and spirits) were all donated to me to be upcycled (they were going to be trashed, and I saved them from the landfills!) 
Here is a link to my photos on my imgur page which is an album of my work: 
If people want to learn more about my projects then can email me at:
Michelle K
We followed the link that Michelle provided and we’re absolutely amazed at the pieces she’s put together. Fun, decorative lamps and garden items that are sure to be a hit at her farmers market.

Thank you for sharing your craft work with us.

Do you have a DIY project you would like to show off?
Send an email to contact@jagerfoods.com with your picture(s), your name and a description and or any tips you would like to share with us and our readers. If you have a blog you can also include the web address and we will link back to you.

3 thoughts on “Upcycled Bottle Art By Michelle K.

    1. Hello! Thanks for the reply!
      I’m in the process of crafting my website! I’ll update Nick here when I finish it :)
      In the mean time you can find my Craigslist posting on the Missoula MT page under
      “Arts & Crafts” for sale by owner or under “Farm & Garden” for sale by owner.
      I’m asking between $18-$35 per piece, discounts for multiple pieces and referrals :)

      Here are the current links (if they don’t appear to work then email me and I’ll get on it ASAP!)
      Or feel free to email me directly at:

      I’m more than happy to talk about them or negotiate prices or custom pieces.

      Thank you so much for your Support!

      Michelle K

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