November 15, 2019

Wine Bottle Lights by Bottles Be Glowing

Jessie from ‘Bottles Be Glowing’ has been a busy girl :). Here are her latest wine bottles with lights creations.

Jessie is selling her bottles on Etsy, you can find the link to her store under the picture.

Here is what she said in her message to us:

I made a wine bottle light using a green bottle, and then using basically the same design and stone colors on a clear bottle and this is what the results were.

Decorated Bottle Lights

We love the combination of glass gems with stones.

Isn’t it amazing how the differently colored glass bottles give them a unique look and feel? These bottles are definitely pieces of art and should be showcased accordingly.

Take a look at the rest of Jessie’s bottle lamp creations in her Etsy store at:

Bottles Be Glowing

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