January 18, 2020

Wine Bottle with Lights and Decor by Susan

Thank you Susan for posting your Wine Bottle with Lights and Decorations on our Facebook page.

Susan told us in an earlier email: “Thanks for your book. I had gotten it figured out with my first one but was glad to watch the video and print off the book to verify that I did it right.”

Wine Bottle with Lights
Susan’s Bottle with Lights
Holiday decorations and lighted wine bottle
Susan’s Lighted Wine Bottle

Susan, your Holiday wreath with the lighted wine bottle is absolutely stunning!
This would make a perfect centerpiece for any Holiday get together. By combining different pieces, like a lighted wine bottle, a wine glass, grapes, pine cones and flowers, you have created a very unique and decorative piece that is sure to be a conversation starter.

Thank you again for sharing this wonderful craft work with us and our readers.

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