September 19, 2019

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Selling Bottle Lamps in Downtown Alexandria, MN

Our hometown of Alexandria, Minnesota is having a Downtown Sidewalk Sale this weekend to celebrate Memorial Day weekend along with ‘Awake the Lakes’ activities. Silke is the secretary of the Alexandria Downtown Merchants Association and the office she works for is located right in the heart of Downtown Alexandria. It’s a beautiful Friday morning and […]

Lighted Bottles by Sterling, Fish and Twins

After Charles from Sterling, Fish and Twins downloaded our eBook a few weeks ago he had several questions and wasn’t shy about sending us a lengthy email. It’s a good thing he did. We gladly replied to his inquiries as best we could and are very happy to share his first three completed bottle projects below. […]

Recycled Glass Bottle Plant Holder

Recycled Glass Bottle Plant Holder

We started a new recycled glass bottle project about a week ago. I saw a picture on Pinterest with an ivy growing out of the bottom of the bottle. The article attached to the picture had a lot of comments asking how to make a Glass Bottle Plant Holder. I asked Nick if he was […]

DIY Bottle Lamp Ideas, Tips & Inspirations

Light Kit for your Bottle Lamp Project

In the past several months we have been making more and more of our recycled bottles into functioning Bottle Lamps. In order to turn any bottle into a Bottle Lamp we need to attach a Lamp Light Kit to the mouth of the bottle. We are happy to have found this very inexpensive light kit […]

broken bottle

Questions by a Bottle-Lamp Reader

Tabbatha sent us an email recently with the following questions regarding different safety issues of our lighted bottles: What length of lights do you use? And what is Crystal fill is it a safe substance? I see online that some people do put the cork back in the bottle or cap on when finished decorating, is this […]

Captain Morgans Table Lamp Contest

Several weeks ago we published a video to show you how to make a bottle lamp like the Captain Morgan one you see here. It was a Jack Daniels bottle that we gave to Nick’s brother for his birthday back in April. Click here to watch the Jack Daniels bottle lamp video! We made another […]

Display your specials in a fun way

Give your Mom a Chalk Board Bottle this Mother’s Day

Are you looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift? Something that’s hand made, unique and can be customized? Our Chalk Board Bottle makes the perfect Mother’s Day gift for your Mom! Click here to learn more about Lighted Chalk Board Bottles! Write a short message on the outside of the Chalk Board Bottle that your […]

Custom Wine Bottle Lamp

Bottles with Lights were appreciated at a local fundraiser

Two Wine Bottles With Lights We Donated To A Local Fundraiser. A co-worker of mine recently told me about his brother’s misfortune involving an automobile accident. He survived the crash but will need extensive physical therapy to recover. A benefit dinner was being planned and charitable donations for silent auction items were being collected. The […]

DIY Project Bottle Lamp

UV Cake Bottle Lamp by Kathy

Thank you Kathy for sharing your bottle light with us. Kathy said via email: “This was my first time and I was a little nervous at first. It turned out ok, thanks so much for your instructions!” This picture just shows the warm energy coming off this truly unique bottle lamp. If you ever wanted […]

Lamp with Jack Daniels' bottle

Turn a Jack Daniels Bottle into a Lamp

Nick’s brother Ben has a birthday coming up soon and his liquor of choice is Jack & Coke. So, we stopped at our favorite watering hole and asked them to save us the next empty Jack Daniels bottle. With the empty bottle and the few other supplies we needed in hand, we started to put […]