January 25, 2020
Top 10 favorite bottle lamp blog posts

Bottle Lamp Top 10 Posts Of 2014

The past year turned out to be very successful for our bottle crafting community.

We grew immensely in not just daily website visitors and social media followers, but we were able to connect with many people we are thankful to be able to call our friends. Now that the last few days of the year are upon us it’s only natural that we want to reflect and review, as well as plan ahead.

With over 80 DIY Show Off submissions sent in by you and the many recycled bottle crafting articles we have written over the past several years it is always fun to see which posts get the most views.

There are a few articles on this list that almost didn’t get published since I didn’t think they were good enough. Thankfully I went ahead anyway. ;)

Top 10 favorite bottle lamp blog posts

Here are the 10 bottle crafting articles that you liked the most in 2014:

#1 – Turn A Jack Daniels Bottle Into A Lamp

This Jack Daniels bottle lamp article has been a favorite for several years now. As they say it’s ‘an oldy, but goody’. Watch the video in this article to get step by step instructions.

#2 – Bottle Lamp Kits Explained

Are you confused by the different types of Lamp Kits available? So was one of our readers, we answered her question via email and created a blog post for the rest of our readers.

#3 – Light Kit For Your Bottle Lamp Project

In order to turn any bottle into a Bottle Lamp we needed to learn how to attach a Lamp Light Kit to the mouth of the bottle. Here are our step by step instructions.

#4 – 5 Fun Recycled Glass Bottle Projects

After Nick figured out how to cut glass I wrote an article to include a few new projects to inspire you to make your own fun recycled glass bottle projects.

#5 – Bottle Lamps On Etsy

Sharing a few of the many wonderful bottle lamps that are available on Etsy. Nick thought it would be fun to showcase some of his favorites in this post.

#6 – How To Make A Lamp Shade

Finding a lamp shade that fits your bottle, style and decor can be difficult. In this how-to article we give step by step instructions on how you can make your own.

#7 – Mason Jar Potpourri Warmer

Lighted potpourri jars are such an easy craft that they make ideal hostess gifts for impromptu holiday gatherings. I truly enjoyed writing this article and I still use this potpourri warmer.

#8 – Glow In the Dark Bottle Night Light

Here is another super easy to make DIY bottle project using stickers, a recycled wine bottle and a light kit! I bet kids of all ages would love to have one of these night lights in their bedrooms.

#9 – How To Cut Glass Rings Instructional Video

We made this instructional video that shows how to cut glass rings out of a bottle just this past year. The Creator’s Bottle Cutter is truly an awesome tool.

#10 – Tips For Drilling A Square Bottle

Another readers email question was answered and turned into a how-to post. Take a look at the tips we give and helpful comments we received for drilling a square bottle.

recycled bottle lights

We are very thankful to be able to provide this informational site for our fellow glass bottle craft makers. Please continue to email us your questions and pictures, share our how-to’s, inspirations and fun project ideas, and leave us your comments. We always enjoy hearing from you.

Here’s to more bottle crafting fun in 2015!

We will continue to promote your DIY Show Off submissions and will add our own bottle lamp making content when we can.

Wishing you peace, prosperity and good health.

Nick and Silke

What is your favorite bottle crafting article or DIY project video on our site? Did it make the 2014 top 10 list? Leave us a comment below.

2 thoughts on “Bottle Lamp Top 10 Posts Of 2014

  1. I would like to use Patron bottles for a hanging light. I do not want to cut the bottem of the bottle. How can I attach the socket & light from the bottle opening at the top? Found bulbs that fit into the neck of the bottle. Patron bottles are thick & heavy & wouldn’t want one falling from the ceiling. THanks!


    1. Danita,

      I have been giving this a lot of thought. Is drilling the bottle an option? I’ll assume that you don’t want to do anything to the bottle so let’s move from there. Enclosing your light bulb in a bottle could be a problem. The heat that the light bulb gives off could cause some problems for you because it has no where to go. Your bottle would basically shatter.
      Next assumption; you have an LED light bulb. No heat, no worries. Now I’m envisioning a device that will allow you to attach your bottle with some threaded screws that will hold the bottle by the lip. Think of the light fixtures in bedrooms that are held with three screws. You loosen each of them until you are able to remove the glass cover.
      Let me do some more exploring to see if there is something that would work for this type of situation.

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