November 22, 2019
Edison Light Bulbs For Chandeliers

Edison Bulbs For Chandeliers

Once the DIY chandelier was put together I felt pretty confident that it was a done deal.

That thought was put on hold once Silke showed me a picture of how much better it would look with the right light bulbs. Enter this Nostalgic Thread Chandelier Light Bulb…


I had never heard of them before. Referred to as the Nostalgic Edison, they have almost a retro feel to them that is akin to the old radio’s that had an internal light that would emit through from the inside. A warm soft yellowish glow that even looked nostalgic. The picture that Silke had shown me made the lamp it was being used in seem more warm and inviting as opposed to more traditional LED soft white lights. It soon became evident as to why they’re not that widely used.

Availability. I had driven to all the big box stores and the local hardware store and they were no where to be found. How hard would it be to find them? Somebody must sell them. It must have been my intense need for instant gratification that made me drive all over looking for them. I knew they were on line but who wants to wait that long? On line was ultimately where we ended up buying them. We had waited this long just to put the thing together, we could wait a little longer for the light bulbs.

The final look. The lights arrived and I was literally running back with them. Visions of the brown glass being illuminated with the soft glow from the Edison bulbs was already filling my head. It had to be worth the wait. Burning my fingers as I took the ones out that were running at the time and replacing them with the new ones took way too long. With a flip of the switch it all came into perspective. They were perfect!


Buy Now

If ‘all good things come to those who wait’, then ordering the Edison bulbs will well be worth it for you. They can add charm to any light fixtures that you may have in your house.


Give the Edison Light Bulbs a try and let us know what you think


6 thoughts on “Edison Bulbs For Chandeliers

    1. May I please see a before pic of the chandelier? I am interested in buying one to make one myself and I would like to buy the right chandelier

      1. Sorry for the delayed response. We were looking for more photos we may have taken before putting the chandelier together and we really couldn’t find any prior pictures. It would have been cool to do a ‘before and after’. There is a warehouse outlet that we purchased this ‘slightly used’ item at. See attached picture. The glass dome was missing so we got it for a discounted price.


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