January 28, 2020

Installation of glass drilling bits

We’ve received several questions regarding the attachment of the glass drilling bits that I used in our DIY bottle lamp video.

Here is one of the emails we received: “Hi – I bought the Vermont American drill bits you recommended and have no idea what kind of drill these will fit, they are round on the ends.   I have a Dewalt DW110 drill, the shaft on the end is 1/4 with a hexagon like shape.  Is there an adapter piece or something i need to grip the bits securely?  Forgive me I am tool ignorant!”

Silke tried to explain it in an email:

If you’re using a cordless drill, the front part of the drill unscrews to widen the ‘teeth’ so you can insert the bit.

On a corded drill you will usually find a little tool on the cord to loosen/widen the front part.
Make sure to tighten the front part of the drill to hold the drill bit securely before starting the drilling process.”

We figured it would be far easier for me to visually show this.

How to insert a drill bit video
How to insert a Drill Bit into a Drill

Click this link to view the How to Insert a Drill Bit into a drill video, it will give you a visual demonstration of the process.

If you have any questions about the tools we use or the bottle lamp making process, feel free to leave us a question on this page or email us at contact@jagerfoods.com.

Remember to send us a picture of your finished Bottle Lamp and we will post it on our DIY Show Off page.

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