January 18, 2020

Old Crow Reserve Bottle Lamp

I have known one of my Dad’s favorite bourbons for quite awhile and it was only a matter of time before I got around to turning one of the empty bottles into a lamp. Beyond making something that was decorative, it was more important to make it functional. Something he would actually use. His birthday is still a month away but procrastination has never been something I’ve been to keen on.

Old Crow Reserve Bottle Lamp

People are always collecting bottles for me now. Not only did I get an Old Crow bottle but a ‘reserved’ one that made it even more unique. There are no lights within the bottle. Sticking with the functionality of the lamp over decoration there is only colored marble filler inside that will act as a weight for the lamp itself. This particular bottle still had the cap, so I was able to drill a hole through it and let it act as the stabilizer for the lamp mechanics. This always seems to give the bottle more of its original look and it also blends well with the lamp shade.

This was an easy project that didn’t take very long at all to put together. If you would like to make something similar be sure to check out our Do It Yourself videos. We also offer a free e-book that takes you through the step by step instructions.

It’s always challenging to find a balance between the bottle’s label and the actual lamp shade itself but every once in awhile things just seem to fall together.


P.S. Dad if you’re reading this, you know what you’re getting for your birthday.

P.P.S. Yes, you have to wait until your birthday before you get it.

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