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Selling Bottle Lamps in Downtown Alexandria, MN

Our hometown of Alexandria, Minnesota is having a Downtown Sidewalk Sale this weekend to celebrate Memorial Day weekend along with ‘Awake the Lakes’ activities. Silke is the secretary of the Alexandria Downtown Merchants Association and the office she works for is located right in the heart of Downtown Alexandria.

It’s a beautiful Friday morning and Nick is set up to sell our lighted bottles and bottle lamps to passing shoppers.

Nick selling our Bottle Lamps

Do you have any suggestions for us on how and where to sell our finished bottle lights and bottle lamps? Interested in purchasing one of our bottles? Please leave us a comment below.

2 Responses to Selling Bottle Lamps in Downtown Alexandria, MN

  • I want to make a bottled lamp with a light bulb on top of the bottle and xmas lights on the inside of the bottle. But I want to control the two light sources from one switch. I have seen other lighted bottles that have two sources of light from one bottle. Where can I find and order this switch?

    • We have been conversing with James via email. For the rest of our readers, here is a link to buy a similar cord with switch:
      Nick makes a ‘Y’ and goes to the different lights with it.

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