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The Jack Pine Brewery bottle lamp project

My sister had seen a picture of one of the bottle lamps we had put together made out of a growler from the Steel Toe Brewery that Silke and I had toured. She asked if I could do the same thing with a growler that was picked up from a brewery she had discovered.

The Jack Pine Brewery, is located in Baxter, Minnesota. They now have two beers on tap; Fenceline Pale Ale and Duck Pond Nut Brown Ale. Coming soon – Dead Branch Cream Ale.

Jack Pine bottle lamp

Jack Pine bottle lamp

The growler was pretty much the same as the other one that I had put together, brown bottle, white label. The label’s jack pine logo gave me an idea of incorporating a forest green lamp shade, that when placed on top of the brown bottle would give the impression of a pine tree. The end result was not quite what I had in mind but did come out looking pretty decent. I used an 8 inch harp with a 8 1/2 inch lamp shade. The angular lamp shade and the shape of the growler both worked toward my goal of replicating the pine tree. The lamp runs with the lights inside on and a switch on the cord allows for the lights inside to be shut off.

We’ll have to keep looking for these breweries so we can continue to make these unique lamps!



2 Responses to The Jack Pine Brewery bottle lamp project

  • Just found this brewery recently. I wanted to go back but couldn’t remember the name. Small story short your picture of the bottle lamp came up. I recognized the name right away. Do they offer these at the beer shop?

    • Hi Carl, we received the Jack Pine growler from Nick’s sister who lives in the Baxter, MN area. I’m sure she purchased the growler in their taproom.

      If you send an email to the brewery they might be willing to mail you an empty growler (for a price), here is the email address:

      Good luck!

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