January 25, 2020
recycled bottle shot glass

Recycled Bottle Neck Shot Glass

Ray, from Creator’s Stained Glass Inc., has sent us his latest creation ‘The GlasTopper’.

I’ve been cutting different types of glass bottles for awhile now and it always felt a bit off to throw away any of it. Besides making wind chimes I never knew what to do with the cut off bottle necks.

Now you and I can use our beer bottle necks and turn them into the perfect little shot glasses. Or use a larger bottle and turn the neck into a unique drinking glass.

The GlasTopper is dish washer safe and comes in clear and black. Up-cycle your Bottle Necks into Glasses! 

Glastopper Instructions:

Wine bottle and beer bottle openings vary. Wine bottle’s usually have a smaller opening than a beer bottle. To insert the Glastopper into a small opening, you should first get it wet with some water and then twist it into the opening.

On a larger opening, you may push in the GlasTopper dry. However, you may still get it wet to push it in. Allow 10 minutes for the rubber to re-expand and that will keep the GlasTopper in place.


recycled bottle shot glass
The Glastopper


With one empty bottle you can make; a drinking glass and this neat little shot glass with the remaining neck of the bottle. Nothing goes to waste and the whole bottle gets up-cycled!

This is a great gift idea for anyone on your gift list, not just the person who is into bottle cutting or who wants to do craft work as a hobby.

Product review – The little stoppers are easy to use and once they are in place they fit nice and snug so you won’t have to worry about them coming apart while your using them.

Easy to clean and stylishly designed they can be the perfect addition to your next party or get together. The rubber stoppers keep any liquid from leaking and with the sturdy base you don’t have to worry about spilling any of your favorite liquor.



If you are interested in purchasing The GlasTopper, you can find them on Amazon. (Available in clear and black.)

These unique and fun bottle neck stems are selling for only $17.99. You get four bottle stoppers in each box.

 The Creator’s products are Made in the U.S.A.

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2 thoughts on “Recycled Bottle Neck Shot Glass

  1. I have made a couple of lighted bottles in the past and think I will get one of those bottle cutters next. Bottle neck shot glasses are awesome but these holders are a bit spendy don’t you think?

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