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Turn a Jack Daniels bottle into a Lamp

Nick’s brother Ben has a birthday coming up soon and his liquor of choice is Jack & Coke. So, we stopped at our favorite watering hole and asked them to save us the next empty Jack Daniels bottle.

With the bottle and the few other supplies we needed in hand, we started to put his birthday present together. Once the hole was put in the bottle, assembling the Jack Daniels Bottle Lamp was a snap.

Make a Bottle Lamp from a Jack Daniels bottle

Jack Daniels Bottle Lamp

The first time I put the lamp shade on, I plugged it in and stepped back to examine the look of the bottle lamp. The exposed cord inside the bottle just didn’t look right. The empty bottle was too light weight and top heavy. To remedy the situation I went with gold colored marbles the color of the previous content. Not only did it hide the cord inside but also gave the illusion of the bottle still being filled with liquor. The added weight provided stability to the bottle lamp.

Watch our ‘How to make a Jack Daniels Bottle Lamp’ video for step by step instructions:

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