September 19, 2019
Think Spring Bottle Art

Bottle Art Wind Chimes By Lisa

With Spring on everyone’s mind, a lot of visitors have been searching our blog for pictures of wind chimes lately. Perfect timing for Lisa to post her Bottle Art Wind Chimes and other finished DIY projects on our Bottle Crafts DIY Facebook page. ¬†We have created this DIY Show Off page to share her wind […]

Jessie makes her unique bottle art.

Catching Up With Jessie From Bottles Be Glowing

The fall season seems to spark an inner craving for most people to want to find inspiration through art. Jessie, from Bottles Be Glowing, has been serving plenty of inspired art with her themed bottle lights and has a little something for everyone.¬†Capturing inspiration and putting it in a bottle is no easy feat unless […]

Recycled Bottle Art

I love searching for, looking at and of course sharing my latest finds on Recycled Bottle Art. There is always something new to be found. Between Pinterest, Facebook, other social media sites and search engines, it’s amazing in how many creative ways people have used recycled glass bottles and turned them into pieces of art. […]