October 22, 2019
Bottle Lamp Making Infographic

Why You Should Make A Bottle Lamp Infographic

Find out who, where and why bottle lamp making is so popular. Are you in search of a new hobby? Maybe you’ve been under a lot of stress at work or home and need to find a way to relax? Take a look at our Bottle Lamp making infographic to learn more about the craft […]

Bottle Lamp Kit For A Spider Lamp Shade

If your looking for a bottle lamp kit that will allow you to use your Spider lamp shade, then look no further. We got a great question last week and wanted to share it with our readers. “I have a Spider lamp shade that I want to incorporate into my bottle lamp project. All the […]

How to make your adapter fit your bottle opening

How To Make The Bottle Lamp Kit Adapter Fit My Bottle

The bottle lamp kits that come complete with all your accessories might need to be modified. One of the most recurring questions that we get for the bottle lamp kits are the ones concerning the rubber adapters that should fit the neck of the bottle. Most kits come with three varying sized adapters that should […]

bottle lamp psychology

How To Make Bottle Lamps At Home

The most rewarding and important type of learning is through experience, creating something with our own hands. I have put together several articles and numerous videos explaining the bottle lamp making process. If you are looking for those instructions then you can visit our post titled; Turn a Jack Daniels Bottle into a Lamp. Today […]

Crafting Less Stree

Can Crafting Relieve Stress

Finding Zen may just be closer than you think. The many benefits of living a stress free life include; a longer life span, a lower rate of depression, greater resistance to fighting off colds, and a lower risk of heart disease. It would make sense to try and eliminate stresses in your life but removing […]

Stoppers for your bottle lamp

Bottle Lamp Stopper Ideas

Easy Ways To Remedy The Stopper That Won’t Fit In Your Bottle Lamp. Here are a few alternatives to finding a way to make the small rubber stopper from your bottle lamp kit fit your bottle. Most bottle lamp kits come with the three rubber stoppers that fit into the neck. What do you do when […]

making a bottle lamp how to video

How To Make A Bottle Lamp DIY Tutorial

Here is a complete step by step process for creating your own bottle lamp. Step One: Collect the items that you will need for the project – An empty glass container, A light bulb and a lamp shade, A lamp kit, A Glass drilling bit, A small rubber grommet, and filler for the bottle to […]

making a bottle lamp how to video

The Bottle Lamp Video Making Process

The Bottle Lamp Making Video That Was Better Late Than Never! Have you ever wondered why we put off doing something that would have only made life easier? That’s what I wondered about for a long time in regards to our bottle lamp video. Watch Our How To Make A Bottle Lamp Video: It was late […]

Make a Lamp from a recycled wine bottle

How To Make A Lamp From A Bottle

If you have a favorite decanter that you just can’t seem to part with then its time you put it to use. Whether you collect empties or bottles just have a sentimental value to them, glass bottles can have a second life. It’s easy, fun, and an inexpensive way to repurpose your recyclable materials. Here is a […]

Jack Daniels Bottle Lamp DH

Bottle Lamps That Offer Alternative Fillers

Finding a filler to hide the cord in your bottle lamp can also offer a unique style as well. Dave sent us some pictures of his latest bottle crafts and this message: hi my name is david hurst from Great Bookham, Surrey, Great Britain i hope you are well i really like you website for […]