February 25, 2020

Bottle Lamps by Marsha

Marsha sent us these pictures of her finished bottle projects. She used different wine and liquor bottles to make these lamps. We think they turned out very nice. Here is what Marsha said in her email: “Lamps I’ve made with and without shades. Bottles without shades have corks.” Marsha With or without a lamp shade […]

Crown Royal Bottle Lamps by Angela

We received an email from Angela with a photo of her Crown Royal Bottle Lamps. Angela says in her email: “They turned out great. I’ve got several more bottles to do now (by requests)…. I’ll try decorating shades differently this time and using different things inside bottles. I just used gold Christmas tinsel in these.” […]

Illuminati Bottiglie di Francesco

Nick has been corresponding with Francesco from Italy via email for the past several weeks. Thankfully we have access to online translation sites like Babylon. :) Here is what Francesco sent us along with his awesome Italian made lighted bottles and glass block. “Salve grazie per avermi inviato l’email non ho perso nessun Vostro contatto […]

Various lighted bottles by Johanne

This past weekend we received an email with this impressive lineup of various lighted bottles and bottle lamps made from recycled wine and liquor bottles. Johanne sent in the following email along with the picture: “Good Afternoon, After reviewing your website, I started using my own creation in making different bottles and lamp bottles. I […]

Wine Bottle Lamp Kit

How to Splice Wire and Attach A Bottle Lamp Kit Tutorial

Splicing lamp wires can be tricky if you’ve never done it before. Ryan send us the following email a few days ago. “Is there a tutorial on how to splice the Christmas lights into the lamp kit? I have an idea on how its done but would like to have a little conformation. I’m trying […]

Liquid Filled Bottle Lamps by Steve

WOW! Take a look at these liquid filled liquor Bottle Lamps by Steve. What an impressive line up. Here is what Steve sent us: Here are a few of my creations using recycled liquor bottles.   I drill out the bottoms, insert tubing, seal off the bottom and add colored water to match the true liquor.  Seal […]

Selling Bottle Lamps in Downtown Alexandria, MN

Our hometown of Alexandria, Minnesota is having a Downtown Sidewalk Sale this weekend to celebrate Memorial Day weekend along with ‘Awake the Lakes’ activities. Silke is the secretary of the Alexandria Downtown Merchants Association and the office she works for is located right in the heart of Downtown Alexandria. It’s a beautiful Friday morning and […]

broken bottle

Questions by a Bottle-Lamp Reader

Tabbatha sent us an email recently with the following questions regarding different safety issues of our lighted bottles: What length of lights do you use? And what is Crystal fill is it a safe substance? I see online that some people do put the cork back in the bottle or cap on when finished decorating, is this […]