February 23, 2020
hanging bottle lamp with chain maille

Chain Maille Bottle Lamp

New and creative ways abound these days with the Bottle Crafting community. We received an email from one of our members that shares his enthusiasm for chain maille and bottle crafting: Hi, I’m Dennis.  A few months ago, I went to the Allentown Art Festival in Buffalo, NY, and I found a wine bottle with the […]

Hendricks Gin Bottle Lamp

Introducing Glamp Dry Bottle Lamps

Two Portuguese marketing students create bottle projects and share a passion for great photography. We received an e-mail from Rafael with some really cool photographs of bottle lamps. Here is what they wrote: Good afternoon, I am a young student in IPAM- Marketing The Marketing School and together with a friend of mine, we developed […]

Jagermeister Bottle Lamp

Jagermeister and Maker’s Mark DIY Show Offs

I have said this before and I will say it again “The Bottle-Lamp website has the most awe-inspiring visitors.”! Silke and I enjoy hearing from all of you, may it be by leaving a comment, via email or by sending us a postcard. It is astonishing how this site has grown over the years and […]

Hanging Wine Bottle Light

Paul Masson Wine Bottle Hanging Light

Here is a bottle craft maker thinking outside of the box by turning a large wine bottle into a hanging light. We are very happy to be able to share the following pictures with you. It’s always fun and awe-inspiring to see the projects our fellow DIY’ers come up with. Christopher sent us the following message in his email: Nick, I want […]

lighted bottles

Lighted Bottles By Christopher

A common question we receive about the bottles with lights concerns the amount of heat that the light string will give off and if it’s safe. This is a legitimate question and one that determines the size of the light string that you will put in your bottle. We received this e-mail from one of […]

Lamp made from a Gran Gala Liquor bottle

Gran Gala Bottle Lamp

As Barry shows us with his Gran Gala bottle lamp project, you can make an awesome lamp out of almost any liquor bottle. You can even take your hand crafted lamp on the road with you. How awesome is that? It’s been a while since we posted a DIY Show Off so I was very […]

unique bottle chandelier

From Bottles to Lamps

Are you looking for inspiration for your next bottle craft project? Pinterest is a great place to visit. Pinterest is a visual discovery tool that you can use to find ideas for all your projects and interests. There are literally hundreds of different wine bottle lamps and recycled bottle creations. In this article we are […]

Skinny Girl Bottle Lamps

Girls And Gooses, Oh My

When we last heard from Sean he had just put together a nice collection of beer bottle lamps. What better way to up the ante then by going to an even bigger decanter? We received this e-mail from Sean: “A newly available power LED light has enabled yet another innovative bottle lamp. The light contains […]


Beer Bottle Lamps By Sean

Taking the time to recycle your used beer bottles is very commendable. Recycling glass is one thing but what if you were able to transform those bottles into something more then just a pile of crushed glass? This was the inspirational moment for Sean who saw where his unique beer bottles were going and decided […]

Unique wine bottle stopper

Kokopelli Bottle Lamp By Patty

Patty sent us this very unique and adventurous looking bottle lamp that incorporates a Southwest style. We’ve been using this filled, unadorned bottle as a night light for almost a year, because I couldn’t find a stopper I liked. Leave it to a local etsy seller to customize something for me. I added some beads […]