February 23, 2020

Bottle light project by Patty

Patty sent us some pictures of her creations that we had to share. This is what she had to say: With my hubby’s help, here are our first 2 projects.  The Skyy bottle is for a Christmas gift exchange party, and the Pinot Grigio is for our house.  As soon as it is emptied, we will be transforming […]

New Lighted Bottles from Becky

Becky has been busy making more lighted bottles and we are delighted to be able to share them with you. Here is what Becky said in her email: “I have done some more bottles!! I added some little star covers to one of them and thought it would be neat to put not a message […]

Various lighted bottles by Johanne

This past weekend we received an email with this impressive lineup of various lighted bottles and bottle lamps made from recycled wine and liquor bottles. Johanne sent in the following email along with the picture: “Good Afternoon, After reviewing your website, I started using my own creation in making different bottles and lamp bottles. I […]

Three Fall Inspired Bottle Lamps for local Fundraiser

Steven Scott, a local Alexandria Minnesota resident, is to undergo amputation. Here is an excerpt from our local paper: “In 1981, three weeks before my 3rd birthday, I rode my Big Wheel down the driveway into the street as a van was passing by. The vehicle’s right passenger side tire struck me. I was struck by an […]

Six Lighted Bottles by Angel

Angel sent us a picture of the six different wine and liquor bottles she turned into lighted bottles. Here is what Angel said in her email: “Thanks for the inciteful video and instructions! The attached photo shows the 6 bottles we did today. We still need to decorate them, but wanted to share! Thanks again!” […]

Jack Daniels Bottle Lamp

Absolut Vodka and Jack Daniel’s Lighted Bottles by Julie

Julie emailed us a while ago about how to drill a square bottle. We will write an article and post her question and give tips on what to look for when drilling square bottles under our DIY Projects category. In the meantime, Julie succeeded in drilling a square Jack Daniel’s bottle as well as an […]

Set of 4 Lighted Bottles by Mary

We received this email along with a picture from Mary, she gracefully allowed us to share it with you. :) I have completed my first set of 4 bottles and have attached a photo of them (with their lights off). My husband drilled the holes in the bottles, thanks to your excellent “How To” video. […]

Lighted Bottles by Sterling, Fish and Twins

After Charles from Sterling, Fish and Twins downloaded our eBook a few weeks ago he had several questions and wasn’t shy about sending us a lengthy email. It’s a good thing he did. We gladly replied to his inquiries as best we could and are very happy to share his first three completed bottle projects below. […]