February 25, 2020

Bottle Art That Tells A Story

We always enjoy looking at different bottle art projects on the many different social media sites. When you find something that really moves you, well you just naturally want to share it. That’s how we came across Strokes and Stories. The art work is definitely one of a kind but what really makes these pieces […]

Tool for making bottle crafts

From Empty Bottle To Drinking Glass

The combination of the ‘Bottle Bit’ and ‘The Saber Tooth Sanding Kit’ allows you to finalize your drinking glass craft. Once you have scored and separated your glass bottle you should try these tools to finish the job. I have reviewed both of these products and they have performed exceptionally well. By merging these two […]

Bottle cutting project ideas

Five Fun Glass Project Ideas

Using the Kinkajou Glass Bottle Cutter will allow you to create many craft projects. The glass bottle cutter opens up a whole new world of glass bottle crafting. We thought it would be fun to showcase some of the many different craft ideas that you will have with your bottle cutter. If you already have […]

Industrial Light Kit

Steampunk Bottle Lamps For The Masses

You know something trending has hit the big time when you see it mass produced in a box store. I was a little taken aback when we were in one of the big chain hardware stores the other weekend to find an end cap with kits for putting steampunk bottle lamps together. It wasn’t the […]

Craft supplies on sale

Best Cyber Monday Craft Finds

Cyber Monday is the perfect shopping day for all your craft supply needs. Online shopping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday isn’t just great for your Holiday gift buying, it’s also a great day to stock up on your favorite crafting supplies and tools. Weather you’re shopping for yourself or a loved one, you’ll find […]

Replacement Carbide Cutting head for BOTTLE CUTTER ONLY

When to change your Carbide Cutting Head for Creators Bottle Cutter

To keep things running smoothly with your bottle cutter you will want to maintain the edge on your cutting head. You have had your Creator’s Bottle Cutter for awhile now and everything that it has produced as been anything but spectacular. But you’ve started to notice that the edges aren’t quite what they used to […]

Shellback Bottle Compass

Project Ideas For The Creators Bottle Cutter

Can one tool really help you accomplish so many different crafts? With the Creator’s Bottle Cutter tool, you will be able to do many of the craft projects that you’ve seen at local craft fairs and social media sites. From plant holders to pendant lamps, you will discover that these projects can be a fun […]

Use #BLCProject On Instagram

Bottle Lamp Community is now on Instagram and we want to connect with you! We are excited to announce a new social media outlet for all you bottle crafters. The Instagram name for our feed is ‘bottlelampcommunity’ and we have currently 20 posts and just over a hundred followers. Not to worry, we just started and there will […]


Bottle Lamps With Unique Styled Bases

We received a comment on one of our DIY Show Off posts that offered some really cool lamps. I am Sandra from Lima – Perú, I would like to show my bottle lamps; in this Project I worked with Edwin Peña in assembly and José Puma with painting glass. Thank you for the opportunity to […]

13 Cool Bottle Crafts

Another gifted craft maker has shared his cool bottle crafts with us. We are very excited to share an awesome selection of bottle crafts all the way from Vietnam. Pham sent us this inspiring selection of bottle craft pictures via Facebook. Check out these 13 cool bottle crafts and get inspired to make your own!  Cám ơn!!! Thank you […]