January 25, 2021


We have been creating lighted bottles, bottle lamps and many other fun craft projects using recycled glass bottles for years now.

It has been our pleasure to help thousands of fellow craft makers and hobbyists since 2008. Over 1,750 visitors downloaded our original Bottle Lamp eBook and more than 480,000 people watched our Recycled Bottle Project series on YouTube since its creation in 2011.

Scroll down to read some of our many reader testimonials and please don’t hesitate to visit our about us page to Contact Us with questions or send in your own testimonial to be added to this page. We would love to hear from you!

Recycled beer bottle flower vase


“Just wanted to share a great reaction I got yesterday when I gave a friend a bottle lamp for her 50th birthday. She could not believe I had made it! All of the people in the room were impressed with the lamp and kept asking me if I had a website where I was selling the lamps.” – James


“Thank you for the follow up e-mail after I purchased your “bottle drilling instruction sheet”. I have several really nice liquor bottles I was given by my local Mexican Restaurant, where we are most frequent patrons.” – Barry


Hi there! I appreciate your informative emails and your website.” – Randy


“Thank you so much. This is a much easier website. You are kind and generous to share with me. I do appreciate it. I have 15 bottles lighted and ready to fill. God bless.” – Kit


“I really enjoy your site and have made several lamps from liquor bottles.  My friend owns a cigar bar and absolutely loves the lamps I’ve made and wants to sell them in his bar.” – Sharon from FL


“I’m James and live in beautiful Bath in the UK. I really like your ideas and admire your willingness to share them with other people around the world. Thank-you for both your generosity and the inspiration you have been to me.”


Great page/website! Informative and helpful to those who are looking to get their name out there for bottle crafts :) – Matt from Full Throttle Bottles


One of the best Bottle Crafts DIY pages out there! Have a question? You will get an answer on this Facebook page, along with links to what you will need to complete your project. Your finished project will be posted on the website and you are always invited to submit any more you would like to show-off. This page and the people involved have been instrumental in helping me grow from trying something for the first time to having a small store on Etsy. With all the instructional videos, it’s a step by step process and that makes it easy as pie! It’s a great place to come and share your ideas, ask questions, maybe come up with a new idea and inspire someone else. :) – Jessie Anne from Bottles Be Glowing


We appreciate your time! Your videos are very helpful. – David & Leslie


Thanks for your mail and enjoyed reading e book that you made with great care. Thank you very much for the wonderful book. – Vijayram


I just watched your video you posted online about making wine bottle lamps. Thank you so much for getting back to me. Everything has been very helpful. – Trudy


Thanks for the inspiration. – Jim W.


I finally made a couple of lamps- thanks to your tutorial on how to drill a hole. Thank you so very much for displaying the picture on your website. Looks very nice and now I have gone International :-) . My wife and kids convey their thanks through this mail for your beautiful gesture and God bless you both for the good things you are doing. Thanks once again Nick and Silke. Best wishes from India. – Mahendra


I’m so glad I found your YouTube video. I’ve made several light bottles. Thank you for helping me get started. – Phyllis


*** These are just a few of the testimonials we receive on a regular basis. Thank you to all of our readers and community members – You are the BEST!

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