August 3, 2020
5th Annual Winter Giveaway 2016

5th Annual Winter Giveaway

We are proud to announce our 5th annual Winter Giveaway!

It’s hard to believe this will mark the fifth year of Bottle Lamp’s prize giveaway. I guess the old saying ‘time flies when you’re having fun’ holds true. In the past we have given away gifts that were reflective of the tools and products that we have used ourselves and shared on this site. This year we’re going to do something a little different… We are currently care taking in Hawai’i and didn’t have time to collect prizes for our winners.

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2016 Winter Giveaway – Enter To Win

5 – $25.00 Amazon Gift Cards

Amazon $25 gift card

To enter our Giveaway simply leave us a comment below.

Sadly we will not be able to spend this Holiday season with our family and friends, it’s going to be just the two of us. It is certainly going to be a little strange without a huge turkey feast on Thanksgiving Day and our large family to share it with. Nick is also going to miss his Mom’s special sweet potato casserole.

What is your favorite Thanksgiving tradition?

Our 5th Annual Winter Giveaway ends on November 22nd, 2016, randomly drawn winners will be announced at Noon CST.

The 5 Lucky Winners will be announced on this web page and on our various social media pages, and contacted via email. 

Enter as many times as you want (this giveaway is open to U. S. residents only, sorry).

Feel free to share our Winter Giveaway with your friends & family via social media. It is not required to be eligible to win, but it certainly helps us spread the word. Thank you!

5th Annual Winter Giveaway 2016

Can’t wait to win? Check out our Resources & Supplies page to find the bottle craft products for your next craft project.

Good Luck and Happy Thanksgiving!

Nick and Silke Jager

2016 winter giveaway winners

The Fifth Annual Giveaway Winners are . . .  . . . . .

#78 – Sven

#52 Mary Beth Elderton

#64 Adrienne Gordon

#13 Jim Guest

#128 Laurie Emerson

Congratulations to our Winners!

Look for an email from us in your Inbox. 🙂

Thank you everyone who entered our Giveaway. We enjoyed reading your comments and warm wishes.

Come back soon for new and exciting bottle crafts.

179 thoughts on “5th Annual Winter Giveaway

    1. Getting together with family is the highlight of my year. With 6 grown children, 24 grandchildren and 11 greats, it’s very difficult to find time for all of us to be together, so Thanksgiving is it!!! I love, love, love it. These little ones grow so fast. It is so true that they are crawling one day & going to college the next. I don’t want to miss a minute of it.

  1. I don’t know that we have a real Thanksgiving tradition. We get together with my husband’s family which is very nice. I always make brown bread, something my mom always made, so I have a bit of my family with me as well.

  2. I like to make Thanksgiving dinner for the whole family. We always get together at my house and overindulge, laugh and have fun with the kids.

  3. I have always loved watching the Macys Thanksgiving day parade, eating together with family, and then doing some online shopping that evening!

  4. we switch every other year eating the thanksgiving meal at my parents and my wife’s parents. It is a blessing to be able to share the holiday with everyone equally.

  5. The Macy’s Thanks giving Day Parade is a tradition I think for a lot of families. Black Friday (online) and Cyber Monday have made things easier afterward for getting a good deal on things for friends and family. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend.

  6. My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is making homemade pumpkin pies with my daughter because I can pass the family tradition on to her.

  7. This year we will be traveling to MI to enjoy Thanksgiving with Jeanette’s youngest Daughter’s family. Will miss my family here in SC but have to take turns since our family’s are so far apart.

  8. Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade is a tradition in our house along with football! Thanks for the opportunity to win a gift card!

  9. Terrific giveaway! I love Thanksgiving but this will be the first one since my husband passed away in July so it will be a little sad for me. Have a great weekend!

  10. For me, it is the time before the meal. The time when we all chat and share stuff about our lives. The house is filled with the smells and the voices are cheery.

  11. Our friend’s wife of 54 years passed away in May so we’ll be spending Thanksgiving with him. So much has happened this year and we all have so much to be greatful for. Let us all try to remember to share whenever and wherever we can. Thanks to you and Silke for all you do to help us DIYers.

  12. The adults put the kids to bed and we sit around drinking, catching up, eating left overs and playing games. All while a fire is crackling in the back. It’s nice to catch up with the cousins and have some relaxing time.

  13. My favorite tradition is the drive from Central Pennsylvania to Ohio to see my wife’s family and on the way reminiscing on how thankful I am that I had so much time with my family members that have passed. Once we arrive and we have dinner I love sitting there and feeling The love that comes back to me knowing that others are thankful to have me spend dinner with them and how thankful I am to have dinner with them .

  14. And also my favorite tradition would be eating my grandma’s sweet potatoes, they are the best, especially nice and warm with marshmallows. :P It’s just nice to see the family together.

  15. I am doing Thanksgiving for the 1st time this year. Usually my mom handles it but she would like a break. Fingers crossed I figure out the turkey!

  16. I love the “kid’s table” tradition. But whenever we get together with aunts and uncles, I end up there as well… LOL

  17. Football watching is a tradition in my family. Which is too bad because I don’t like football. :(
    oh well, while everyone is watching the game I can sneak an extra slice of pie or two. :)

  18. I am “the keeper” of my grandmother’s Sweet Potato Pie recipe. It is tradition for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I try to make enough pies so that everyone gets a whole pie to take home (or I take one over)

  19. My favorite thanksgiving tradition is getting all the family together, including extended, and watching all the kids play

  20. I’m sorry you won’t get to spend Thanksgiving with your family. My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is making a secret recipe that was passed down only to me from my late grandmother,

  21. Not sure what we are doing for Thanksgiving this year. We normally get together with family and have a huge feast! Mom makes us say what we are grateful for around the table and everyone groans. :D

  22. We will be traveling to Michigan to see our son and daughter-in-law can hardly wait. We will be making some of your bottle ideas instead of shopping on friday….it’s more fun!!

  23. My favorite tradition is baking rum cakes with my husband. We bake them for our own family dinner and for friends and other family members.

  24. Green bean casserole is where it’s at! Well, that and our family’s traditional mac and cheese! Nothing like the thanksgiving season!

  25. One of our Thanksgiving traditions is that my mom does ALL the cooking. She refuses to let anyone help as long as she is still able to do it all. Although I will take a few desserts despite her saying not to do so.

  26. Great giveaway guys! I enjoy spending time with family members I don’t usually see during the year. It’s a great time to catch up over a good meal.

  27. My favorite tradition is my sister and I spending the night at our mom’s house the night before Thanksgiving and talking all night.

  28. Happy Holidays To All, Thank you all for sharing your holiday traditions. I Love everything about this time of the year. Much Thanks to Nick for this giveaway Love me some bottle cutting. Cheers to All

  29. I am like you this year, I will not be going home for thanksgiving. One of my most favorite things my family likes to do, is after our thanksgiving lunch, we go and by the newspaper to look at the ads and determine what we want to get others for christmas!

  30. I love havening Thanksgiving with my family but after we use to go to my best friends parents house and sing karaoke. That was always so much fun!

  31. My family lives in different states/countries, sadly my boyfriend and I can’t afford to travel this year. We use Skype so we can ‘see’ everybody and stay connected.

  32. We light a candle at our dinner table for those who have passed and cannot join us for Thanksgiving. My dad says grace and we all give thanks!!! We are a big family and we are thankful for our parents and each other!!

  33. My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is going over to my grandma’s house for a delicious turkey dinner. Everyone shares what they are thankful with, we enjoy our dinner, and watch a movie.

    1. The best part of our Thanksgiving Day is when my kids and grandkids appear at my door – then we spend the rest of the day enjoying the food, games and mostly catching up with each others’ lives – what a blessing for family!!!

  34. My personal favorite Thanksgiving tradition is to order a premade meal from a local restaurant so I do not have to be stressed about cooking for my family. I can handle doing extras to supplement the meal depending on how many people come but I hate having to think about the main components of the meal and stressing.

  35. Thanksgiving Day marks the time I will start listening to holiday music and watching all the holiday movies that are on television.

  36. We just get up, watch the Thanksgiving Day parade, and I cook. My favorite part is EATING the turkey! What else?
    I also enjoy the family helping me clean up the week before.

  37. It’s so nice to read everyone’s comments here! I’m so very thankful for my husband, family and friends. Love spending time with them all. :)

  38. Our favorite Thanksgiving tradition is being at Mom and Dad’s with all of our family and enjoying my Mom’s southern homemade dressing! Wonderful food, good fun and great company! Thank you!

  39. My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is participating in the Home Away from Home project. We invent military members who will not be with their families to share our Thanksgiving with us. We always ask what some of their favorite dishes are make sure to have them on the dinner table.

  40. We love getting together to watch the football game. We have some rowdy fans in the family, so it’s always a blast.

  41. My aunt comes up for the holiday and it is her, my daughter, and me. We play cards the night before and the next day, we have friends stop throughout the day. We love it.

  42. I always eat Thanksgiving dinner with my extended friends/family but a lot of the time Hubby has to work that day or night. A local home is always very intricately decorated with lights for Christmas, so either after dinner at my family’s on Thanksgiving, or our first chance that weekend if he worked the holiday we drive by the house to see the lights. It helps transition us from Thanksgiving to Christmas and get me in the holiday mood.

  43. love getting together with out of state family and cooking and saying Grace together as a family is always a great added touch to give thanks because we are all soooo blessed

  44. Call me crazy but I love the cooking. The kitchen is my refuge from all things bad and I relish the time I get to spend there cooking lots of food for the holidays.

  45. My favorite tradition is eating and shopping later with my girls and my mom. We always have a great time with funny stories to tell. Thank you and have fun and Happy Thanksgiving!

  46. I’m sorry about you not being able to spend the holiday with your family! I’m in the same boat. This will be my 2nd year without mine for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I moved from Ohio to Oregon last September to help out my husbands parents. It’s been very rough for me, as I am very close to my family, and they all live in Ohio. I hope you make it a great one, I’m going to try my hardest!

  47. My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is spending the day at our daughter’s house with our children and grandkids and enjoying a family dinner. However this year her kids will be with their father for the holiday and our other daughter and her family is living out of state so we are just doing a quiet dinner at home. It will definitely be odd.

  48. Our 5. Annual Winter Giveaway is now closed!

    Congratulations to our five winners and thank you to all for sharing your Thanksgiving traditions with us and our readers. It’s been amazing reading all of your wonderful comments.

    We hope everyone of you will have a blessed Thanksgiving day!

  49. I just got my gift card! Thank you guys sooo much for an awesome giveaway and all the tips and great craft ideas that you share with everyone all the time. Wishing you all the best this Holiday season.

  50. Thank you so very, very much!!! I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love your blog and enjoy reading you on Facebook. You have so many wonderful ideas for gifts as well as cooking. I appreciate it so much!!

    I received my gift card. Thank you so very, very much again!
    Have the happiest holidays!!!


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