January 18, 2021
Perfectly cut Arrogant Bastard beer bottle

Beer Bottle Cutting 101

Turn your favorite beer bottle into a drinking glass or flower vase.

With all the craft beer companies popping up all over the country, bottle designs have become pretty darn cool. I’m sure you have at least one favorite brew that you found simply because the label caught your eye or the name of the brewery was too hilarious to pass by.

What do you do with all those cool bottles?

Cut the glass so you can use them over and over. Hey, what’s cooler than drinking your favorite beer out of a glass cut from the beer bottle? Cut a whole six pack set for a friend or turn it into a tall glass vase for your girl-friend or wife.

Tips for cutting a beer bottle

What you’ll need – Beer Bottle Cutting 101:

The Glass Bottle Cutting Process

Beer bottles with the logo painted directly on the bottle work best. If you use a bottle with a printed label, be careful, or paint over it with a coat of Modgepodge sealer to preserve the label.

Wash the bottle thoroughly with warm water and soap.

Score the beer bottle with the glass cutting tool of your choice.

We have several article reviews for bottle cutters that work well. If you have a square bottle then the Creators Bottle Cutter is your only option. You will be able to score beer bottles, wine bottles, square bottles, triangular bottles, oval bottles. Just about any bottle with a flat bottom. 

Next, you will need to use the hot/cold water process to separate your beer bottle.

Heat up some water in an electric water kettle and either pour it over the bottle or set it inside the pot. Immediately after you use the hot water, hold the bottle under cold water until you hear a click and the bottle separates. It’s best to practice this process a few times!

Be careful and wear protection! The bottle sections may separate when the bottle is either in the hot water or the cold.

Smoothing The Glass Top Fit For A King

Before you can drink out of your newly crafted beer glass you will have to smooth out the edges. Use the sanding paper that came with your bottle cutter or purchase some regular sanding paper at your local hardware store. 60 – 120 grit works great!

Use a combination of circular motions and bottle rotations!

Emerge your sandpaper in a shallow pan and slowly rub the sharp edges of your new glass. Always ensure that the portion of glass you’re sanding is submerged in the water. If you’re making a drinking glass sand the inner and outer lips as well. They will both make contact with your mouth and you don’t want to cut yourself when you’re using your new beer glass.

Sanding a cut bottle

If you’re ready to cut a bunch of bottles than think about getting a set of Saber Tooth Diamond Sanding Pads. They’re a huge time saver!

The End Result Is A Cool Drinking Glass…

… fill with scented soy wax for a calming candle or stick some flowers in the beer bottle and turn it into a vase. Voila!

Tips for cutting a beer bottle

Turning empty Beer Bottles into Awesome Drinking Glasses or Home Decor has never been easier!

Share your favorite off-the-wall brewery with us. Leave a comment below.

3 thoughts on “Beer Bottle Cutting 101

  1. Arrogant Bastard flower vase, lmfao. Man, those sanding pads are ingenious, I just ordered me a set the other day.

    1. The sanding pads were a real game changer for me. Up until I had them I was using regular sanding paper. You can only them wet so often and soon enough, they will start to denigrate. As an added bonus, I have had mine for over four years now and they’re still going strong.

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