January 18, 2021
Eye-catching blue bottle lamps

Blue Bottle Lamp

Your handmade bottle lamps in blue will shed a lovely and unique light.

Blue bottles used to be pretty hard to find, especially if you’re looking for vintage shaped glass bottles. Nowadays you can find large cobalt blue bottles in your grocery store’s wine section (see picture below) and beautiful ocean blue glass bottles with corks in assorted shapes on Amazon.

To turn your recycled blue wine bottles into functioning lamps has never been easier either. Cool to the touch LED cork lights and light strings will turn any blue bottle into an artistic masterpiece.

You can set these cool blue lighted containers out on a shelf or on a table as added décor or to spotlight a dark corner. These super easy DIY lamps make amazing decorations for wedding parties or holiday celebrations, suitable for both indoor & outdoor use. Your homemade blue bottle lamps also make a good gift for your families and friends.

Beer Bottle Party Lights

Another great ideas for incorporating blue bottles into your home decor is to cut the necks off regular sized bottles and creating a set of party lights.

Check out the video in our Rolling Rock party lights article to see what they look like when the lights are lit up. Learn how amazingly easy it is to re-create these party lights for your own yard or balcony.

Blue Bottle Lamps

Unique blue floor lamp

For this unique floor lamp we used a large 1.5 L German wine bottle and removed all the labels. Instead of turning it into a true 20th century electric lamp we decided to keep it simple and inserted a metal Bird Wine Stopper with Two Taper Holders. The twist in rubber cork fits any empty wine bottle perfectly.  This blue floor lamp is eye-catching and makes a great conversation piece!

Blue wine bottle lamp
Blue Wine Bottle Lamp

Here is the same large blue wine bottle this time with the labels still attached. It has been turned into a functional lamp. The Peter Mertes Riesling bottle lamp was sent to use by Steve. He told us the following: “The bottle is illuminated by a short 3/8” LED rope light with clear marbles used as reflective fill. A standard socket with a harp mount for the shade completes the top.” Pretty cool, huh?

We hope we inspired you to create your own lamp out of a blue bottle.

No matter which route you take, cut the glass, attach a light or simply add a candle, a blue bottle makes for an interesting decor choice.

Which blue bottle lamp do you like best? Leave us a comment below.

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