June 5, 2020
Jessie makes her unique bottle art.

Catching Up With Jessie From Bottles Be Glowing

The fall season seems to spark an inner craving for most people to want to find inspiration through art.

Jessie, from Bottles Be Glowing, has been serving plenty of inspired art with her themed bottle lights and has a little something for everyone. Capturing inspiration and putting it in a bottle is no easy feat unless you can allow yourself to think outside the box or in this case, outside the bottle. For Jessie Cable, this might become something of a second nature.

Everything from sandy beaches to individual football team mascots, she has transformed old throw away bottles and recycled them into an bottle art pieces that not only represent a certain aspect of life but also offers ambiance to any room in your home.

Beach themed lighted Bottle

Houston Texas lighted bottle


With help from her husband, Skip, Jessie created an Etsy store for her bottles:

Bottles Be Glowing

We got a chance to correspond with Jessie from Bottle Be Glowing to find out how things were going during this hectic time of the year.

Jessie: “I have been in a daze these days sort of!

This one great customer, bought one bottle light from Etsy, then went in the following week and bought another, and went in to leave a review and saw another and bought that one! She then sent me a message asking if I would make 2 others with different themes, I said sure, as long as it was through Etsy. I made them, posted them and she bought them within the hour. She then sent me another message ordering 2 more of another theme! Wow.

I have started getting some “convos” from people. I had almost 1,000 views last month, so it’s picking up.

My sister-in-law ordered 2 bottles, one for the high school football team where she works. She seems to think that is going to take off. My real job is starting to get in the way of my bottle making lol.”

Jessie from Bottles Be Glowing in action.

Jessie from Bottles Be Glowing in action.

How did you get started bottle crafting?

Jessie: “I always collected my favorite wine bottles, and filled them each with a candle. One day I saw a bottle with lights in it and thought that was a great idea. I went in the garage and took a hammer and screwdriver, broke the bottom out of the wine bottle and put the lights through and wow!!”

It looked beautiful but not very steady. I figured there had to be a better way and went searching on the internet and found DYI’s “How to drill a glass bottle”. Of course I showed it to my husband and tada!! It was a blast after that!

My husband drills all my bottles and keeps them organized for me.

How long have you been crafting?

Jessie: “I was into ceramics when my boys were young and always loved creating new and different projects.  It had been a long time since, but last year I started the bottle lights, and I absolutely love working on them!”

Where do you find your inspiration?

Jessie: “I believe you can make a bottle light for just about anything. Everyday I see something, and think “This is going to make a great light!”. I was walking in the desert the other day and saw a coyote running in the distance, I watched him for awhile and knew when I got home I was adding it on my list of bottle lights to do ~ Coyote howling at the moon wine bottle light~”

What type of special orders do you do for people?

Jessie: “Special orders are always intriguing and fun to work on. One client brought me two small bottles , one was a salad dressing bottle that was her daughter’s favorite kind. Her daughter is a chef, so I cut the sides off the label, added the glass stones and found some small items like a spatula, knife and mini bags of sugar and flour. It came out nice, but more important, the client loved it.

I have just received another custom order for two bottle lights with the theme of the Eiffel Tower. I’ll do one on a blue bottle and one on a clear bottle and I have gotten some awesome decals of the Eiffel Tower and a flag from France, so I am really looking forward to getting started!”

Do you have any advice for people just starting out?

Jessie: “Never be afraid to make a mistake.  Some of my bottles are less than perfect but every bottle after that gets better. My “mistake” bottles are either on my counter ( where no one can tell there is a mistake except me) or they go in a bucket to soak and the stones get re-used.

I have made it a rule, that I don’t hide away when I work on my bottles. Since I work part-time and my husband, Skip, is retired I like to make sure I spend time around him. I set up in our small dining area, that way I can work, talk and still be around. It’s now getting very crowded with the supplies I have , so we are working on storing them somewhere else!”

**On top of her bottle crafting Jessie has also been a regular contributor to the Bottle-Lamp website and the Bottle Crafts DIY Facebook page.

If you would like to contact her with questions or to see more of her bottles you can reach her at:

Facebook – Bottlebeglowing Wine Bottle Lights
Etsy – Bottles Be Glowing

Do you love Jessie’s unique bottle art? Leave us a comment below. 

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