November 27, 2020
holiday inspired bottles with lights

Christmas Themed Bottles With Lights On Etsy

Are you doing some Christmas shopping or just looking for something to help decorate the house for the season?

We might be able to help you find that unique one of a kind present or decoration. Looking at  just a few of the bottles with lights that are available on the Etsy shops, we’ve collected a few of our favorites this year and showcased them for your viewing pleasure. Click on the image to visit the individual shops. Enjoy!

Twinkle Christmas bottle lamp

Custom Bottle Design

Winter Scene Gallon Jug LED Bottle Light

Bottles Be Glowing

Christmas Lighted Wine Bottles

Sharons Painted Woods bottles

Christmas painted snowman wine bottle with lights

Karens Wine Seller bottle

Lighted Bottle Yule Love It

Mikes Lighted Bottles

You can find many more Holiday inspired bottle projects on our Pinterest board.

It’s easy to bring the feel, colors and textures of Christmas inside your home with easy decorating ideas and simple projects for you and your kids.

Which one of these Holiday inspired bottles is your favorite? Leave us a comment below.

6 thoughts on “Christmas Themed Bottles With Lights On Etsy

  1. Hi Nick and Silke!

    Thanks for the blog feature with my Christmas Bottles! I make bottles for all seasons of the year and I’m always getting new ideas from my customers. I’m still trying to figure out the most efficient way to drill the bottles. The hand-held drilling takes forever! Maybe I’ll learn something from your DIY Blog:-)


    1. You’re welcome Sharon! We love your bottle creations.

      About your question, you might want to consider purchasing a drill press (they only cost around $100). Drilling a glass bottle with a drill press and Diamond Hole Saws will only take a few seconds. Check out our Resources page for the ones we recommend:

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