August 7, 2020
Tool for making bottle crafts

From Empty Bottle To Drinking Glass

The combination of the ‘Bottle Bit’ and ‘The Saber Tooth Sanding Kit’ allows you to finalize your drinking glass craft.

Once you have scored and separated your glass bottle you should try these tools to finish the job. I have reviewed both of these products and they have performed exceptionally well. By merging these two tools together you will be able to complete your bottle craft projects in a timely manner and it will also give you the finished results that will be proud to show off.


Bottle crafting tool



The Bottle Bit This tool will hold your bottle and rotate it evenly while you sand the separated edge. The concept is straight forward and the ease of use make this tool an essential match for your bottle crafts. I’ve sanded bottles while holding the bottle with one hand and rotating the sand paper with the other. No easy feat considering that you want to have a nice even rotation to get a nice flat surface as your end result. Once your hand has cramped up you realize that this can become quite tedious and mildly annoying.

Having the ‘Bottle Bit’ can make your life easier for the sanding process which is the perfect segue for the next ‘must have’ tool;

The Saber Tooth Sanding Kit Regular sandpaper swatches that you can purchase at your local hardware store are sold as ‘wet sandpaper’. By allowing you to incorporate water during your glass sanding process you will get a more smooth sanding experience. This does work but eventually your sandpaper becomes so water logged and worn that it will literally disintegrate in your hand. The Saber Tooth Sanding pads are ergonomically designed so that holding them is a lot more user friendly. The diamond studded sanding area is built to last and you will be able to do numerous bottles with them. The kit comes with two different grades of sanding pads and extra sheets that you can use to lightly sand down the bottle for a nice easy finish.

By incorporating both of these tools you will be able to make your drinking glasses from your favorite decanters in a record amount of time. It’s hard to imagine going back to just the plain sand paper and spending so much time trying to bring out the nice smooth edge that you have on drinking glass ware that you have in your cupboard. The same analogy could be used on the bottle cutter itself. Does anyone still separate glass bottles with string and finger nail polish?

Having the right tools to do the job makes all the difference in the world.  These two must have glass bottle craft tools are always at hand for me to make the final touches on any glass bottle of my choosing. Some of the artwork on these bottles is just too cool to throw away and having them as drinking tumblers is the next logical choice for their longevity. Could you really just throw them away into a landfill?


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  1. hello! I live in Mexico and I try to purchase the bottle bit tool via amazon but the shipping doubles the price so I would like to know if there´s any other method since the shipping will take almost a month and will be like 88.00 usd so I find it absurd. if there´s añy other way please let me know, thanks

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