August 11, 2020

Glow in the Dark Bottle Night Light

It’s amazing how many different craft projects you can make from an empty glass bottle, a few lights and some imagination.

This is a Glow in the Dark Night Light Nick made a little while ago. It is super easy to make and I bet kids of all ages would love to have one of these night lights in their bedrooms.

All you will need to get started is an empty glass bottle. We used a light blue wine bottle and removed all of the labels, but you could also use an old glass milk bottle, mason jar or any other glass bottle.

Drill a hole in the back of the bottle with your diamond drill bit and insert the light string. Nick also attached a cord with a switch to the light string so the bottle doesn’t need to be unplugged at night. Click here for wiring instructions.

Now all that is left to do is attach glow in the dark stickers.

We used Duck Brand glow in the dark Stars and Moons on our bottle. As you can imagine there are lots of other glow in the dark stickers available. For instance, Dark Star Dinosaur Fluorescent Stickers, Butterfly and Dragonfly or Celestial Glow in the Dark wall decals are all great for small children’s rooms. For bigger kids there are Peace Sign symbols, The Clone Wars, Psychedelic Flowers, Glow in the Dark Rhinestone stickers, and many more.

Get Glow in the Dark stickers here.

Bottle with glow in the dark stickers
Glow in the Dark Bottle Lamp

Our Stars and Moon Glow in the Dark Night Light was a gift for our little nephew Kayden, he was born on September 13, 2012. This night light will keep Kayden’s room illuminated at night so he will always feel safe and loved.

5 thoughts on “Glow in the Dark Bottle Night Light

  1. Do you think it possible to make an actual night light that plugged into the wall? I have a few tiny bottles that I think would work great if I could figure out what I’d need to buy and how to make the bottle stay in place.

    1. Sorry for the delay Sean. Nick made one small bottle light for a friend of ours last Christmas. We bought a cheap nightlight and removed the plastic cover. Nick drilled a hole in the bottom of a mini liquor bottle (I think it was a Fireball bottle) and set it over the light bulb. It was a spur of the moment project and we never took any pictures :( I did find a listing with pictures on Etsy:

  2. Thanks for sharing. Why should we buy expensive nigh lamps when we may be able to create something more special. Good post.

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