January 25, 2021
lamp shades for bottle lamps

Lamp Shades For Bottle Lamps

Finishing your newly made bottle lamp should be fun not difficult.

You’ve now completed your DIY bottle project and you’re ready to top it off with a lamp shade that will both compliment it’s distinct shape and style. Color matching, and style are two key points that need to be considered when choosing your lamp shade.

Color matching –

Your color scheme should be subjective to the feeling that you want to project from your craft piece. For example; Black, White and Gray can offer a sharp contrast to a room, Blue can be calming, Brown and Green will offer a more earthy feel, Orange and Yellow can offer energy and vibrancy.

Lamp Shade Style –

Whether you choose a Drum, Square, Oval, or Empire (most common) style lamp shade you will want it to coincide with the size and shape of your bottle. Too big can be overpowering and too small just makes it look out of proportion. Finding a nice happy medium will get you the results that you want for your bottle lamp.

The shade should be a nice, clean complimentary addition to your hand crafted lamp.

Blue lampshade with white deer head

Woodsy Navy & White Lampshade – Get it here…

Lamp Shade for the Navy and Mint Woodsy Collection from Target will help complete the look of a children or guest room. This clean cut lamp shade will fit most standard lamp bases (base not included). Dimensions: 4 in. x 7 in. x 10 in.

Black and white lampshade

Black & White Lampshade – Get it here…

Arrow Print Lamp Shade for the Black and White Fox Collection from Target. This drum style lamp shade will look good on a growler or larger bottle. The black and white design will also offer a nice sharp contrast to help accent your room.

If you have been looking for a lamp shade to endorse your bottle lamp then always remember that your own personal color and style will not only reflect your own personal taste but the look and feel that your trying to create in your art work as well.

More Lamp Shades

Do you still need help finding the perfect lamp shade? Leave us a comment below. 

2 thoughts on “Lamp Shades For Bottle Lamps

  1. I really liked it when you said that when it comes to choosing a lampshade, I have to pay attention to the bottle because too big can ruin the look and too small can make it look disproportionate. It might be a common sense kind of thing, but I really appreciate that you still mentioned it in your article. I was actually planning to buy a lampshade for my younger brother because he has been begging me for one. Knowing that he’s a kid, I want to give him something cool. Thanks for sharing. I’ll take note of everything that you said.

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