August 3, 2020

Lighting The Way With Bottles Be Glowing

Working up new ideas and innovative ways to put her bottles with lights together, Jessie from Bottles Be Glowing is always on the go!

It’s nice to find a window of opportunity to catch up with our fellow bottle crafters. We don’t want to take them away from what they love to do, but at the same time it’s nice to sit down and find out what their up to.

Botttle-Lamp (BL) – How as Bottles Be Glowing changed since we last spoke?

Jessie“I don’t know if “BottlesBeGlowing” has changed as much as I have changed. I was always unsure if I was doing the bottle the “correct” way, then I realized the correct way is the way I want it and if I loved the finished look. I started trying different things and not worrying if they didn’t work out, I learned from the mistakes and was able to achieve different looks for the bottles. When you start looking , just about anything can go on a bottle. That has opened up a whole new area for me. I can spend hours going through craft stores, garage sales etc. It’s become a passion that’s fun and relaxing.  When you see that you have brought happiness to another because of something you made? That’s pretty awesome.”

Cross n Butterfly
BL – Would you say that you are busier than you were this time last year?

Jessie“Yes I am busier, it comes in waves it seems. Using Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook really helps to get the store out there. Right now it’s quiet, so that gives me time to work on bottles and try some new things. I’ll get to take a couple weeks vacation too!

Cafe Boheme
BL – What has your experience been like selling your crafts on Etsy?

Jessie – “I  enjoy selling on Etsy. It’s nice to be on a site with other crafters and the store was easy to set up. I have quite a few bottles listed and I love to go and check how many visits you have to your store and if people are liking your items etc.”

Bottles Be Glowing on Etsy
BL – What are you working on right now?

Jessie“I just finished a “Dreams” bottle that has Dreams in gold letters on a green bottle. It has a couple of other words, Laugh, Hope and Wonder in pink and blue. I’ve created a flower piece at the top in pink that is really unique and a white butterfly sits on the flower. I used a pink paint and sponged over it with a gold sparkle paint. It literally glows :)
I have about 3 or 4 ideas in my head for the next bottle, I think they will be focused on a fall theme.
My husband taught me how to drill the bottles, so I have been doing that also when I need one that’s not been drilled yet and he is not available.”

Fall Wooden Pendant
BL – Are you getting ready for the Fall/Christmas season?

Jessie“I have started some fall bottles, which I absolutely love doing. There are always some new fall foliage available that catches my eye. I can’t wait to start the Christmas bottles, I have a few made and once I get back from vacation I will get in full Christmas mode :)”

Double Bottle

This clever double bottle with lights was taken before it even could make it over to the Etsy store! Personally I’m really not that surprised since I’m guilty myself of grabbing one before someone else even had a chance.

Minnesota Wild Gear

If you would like to contact her with questions or to see more of her bottles you can reach her at:

Facebook – Bottlebeglowing Wine Bottle Lights
Etsy – Bottles Be Glowing

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