January 25, 2021
Bottle Bit Review

The Bottle Bit Review By Bottle-Lamp.com

Scoring and separating your glass bottle can take a little time and practice. You have that mastered, ‘Now what’?

Let me introduce to you the Bottle Bit by MasterFab. The bottle bit works as a tool to help you get a consistent and even sanded finish for your cut glass bottles. Working in conjunction with my cordless drill, I was able to sand down all those rough edges and give my finished glass bottle a nice smooth finish.

Bottle Bit Review and How To Video

The main component will go into your drill like a regular bit. It will look like a hole saw that they use to drill door holes with. The clamping device that can also be purchased in conjunction with it can easily clamp to any table or work bench. I attached everythig to a wooden folding table in the back yard. Once I had my drill set up I used the cozy and one of the rubber wraps that comes with the bottle bit. Wrapping the bottle with the rubber matting and placing it inside the cozy gave everything a nice snug fit. The last thing you want is for this thing to come flying out.

With a cup of water at my side I began the sanding process. In less than a minute the water on the edges began to turn a milky white. If you have ever sanded your bottles down by hand you will immidiately appreciate the time that you are saving with this device. I started out with a coarse sand paper to make sure I was getting all the little shards taken out. From there I finished it off with a lighter grade of sand paper.

I have seperated quite a few bottles and we have them sitting all over the house (yeah, I may have to go in for therapy). Spending the time to sand all of them down was really not a high priority for me. What I would do is lightly sand them, just enough to take off the really sharp edges and call it good. Looking at them you could tell they needed more attention but again it wasn’t high on the ‘to do list’.

Buy The Bottle Bit Here

The Bottle Bit has changed everything about glass bottle cutting for me. I literally had the thing out of the box and set up in the back yard in no time at all. With it’s ease of use sanding bottles isn’t a chore anymore and is actually quite fun. Who wouldn’t want to see the final result actually look like a finished product?

We would like to thank Don for sending us his product for review. The Bottle Bit is currently available through Amazon where you can also purchase the four piece ‘Switch and Lock Drill Mount’. Please leave us a comment below and let us know what you think of this ‘must have tool’ for bottle crafters.

15 thoughts on “The Bottle Bit Review By Bottle-Lamp.com

    1. Lol! It’s my ‘summer cut’. Low maintenance and keeps it cool. As you know, it gets mighty warm down here in the South.

  1. Hi, Nick,
    I just saw the video of bottle bit tool. It is the one I was desperately searching for. I am sure all the bottle craft enthusiasts must have this tool.
    It is pretty simple tool but very very useful.
    Thank you Nick for introducing this tool and please convey my regards and thanks to Mr. Don for developing this cute and wonderful tool. Will buy this through my son who lives in the USA.
    Thanks once again Mr. Nick

    1. S. Vijayaram,

      Thank you so much for your kind words. It really is a very clever little device and such a time saver. Here is another picture from one of the bottles I was working on yesterday:
      The Bottle Bit end result

  2. Hi, I have kids/dogs and would like to do this project in my garage. Do I have to worry about all the small glass bits that I’m sure would be around from cutting and sanding?

    1. Rachael,

      Great question! I usually sand my cut glass bottles with wet sanding paper. The water captures the glass dust quite nicely and what you’ll end up with is a white milky looking substance. No dust. If your using the bottle bit, be sure to have the drill turning away from you. That way you will avoid getting sprayed.

      Good luck with your bottle craft projects.

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