August 6, 2020
Shop for lighted bottles

The Bottles Be Glowing Store Is Open

Hurray, the long anticipated shopping website for Bottles Be Glowing is finally live!

If you love uniquely crafted lighted bottles, but don’t want to buy the necessary tools or you don’t have the patience to make your own, check out the Bottles Be Glowing shopping website. You will find beautifully decorated recycled bottles with lights that will fit any gift occasion and home decor. Jessie offers free shipping in the Domestic U.S. for all of her bottles.

Shop for lighted bottles

Are you a fellow bottle crafter looking for inspiration?

Take a look at the Bottles Be Glowing website to check out the many different bottle lamp design ideas she has to offer. Jessie is a very talented and artistic crafter!

There are currently 32 different bottles to choose from in three different categories:

  • Home/House Decor
  • Bar Lights
  • Military/Police

Here is just one of the hand made bottles she created, it’s my favorite right now! :)

Unique Bottle With Lights

This is a large bottle standing approx 13″ tall. The “Happy Place” decal is front and center with evergreen trees circling the lower part. Texture is applied then painted with blues, greens and white. Dried floral is added to the neck and an adorable owl finishes it off. There is a string of 30 LED lights that will keep this light glowing for a very long time.

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The bottles offered on the Bottles Be Glowing website are high quality pieces of art that will bring you years of joy. Nick purchased one of her creations over a year ago. We have the MN Wild bottle on our kitchen counter and turn it on every night to use as a night light. Do you remember the Minnesota Wild Gear article? Nick was so excited.

Minnesota Wild Bottle Lamp

Jessie has been a friend of ours and a valued member of the bottle crafting community for several years now.

She is also one of our Bottle Crafts DIY Facebook administrators where she shares her bottle creations with us on a regular basis.

Here is a little bit more info from Jessie’s new website:I love wine and always saved my favorite bottles. One day I saw a bottle with lights in it, fell in love with it and decided I wanted to add more.

I have started to work on all kinds of bottles, looking for different shapes and colors also using LED lights in most of the bottles. They may be a bit more expensive but they last for approx 60,000 hrs and the best thing is they don’t give off any heat. Some bottles just don’t work with LED lights, the color of the bottle disappears. When that happens, I won’t hesitate to use a regular string of lights.

You can learn more about Jessie and how she got started in the bottle crafting business by reading this article ‘Catching Up With Jessie From Bottles Be Glowing‘.

If you don’t see what you are looking for on her fun new website, visit her contact page and send her a message. If she can make it, she will give you a quote and create a custom order for you!

Visit Bottles Be Glowing and then leave us a comment below and tell us which bottle you like best.

Don’t forget to share this article and send us your finished bottle craft pictures for the DIY Show Off page.

Happy crafting,

Nick and Silke

3 thoughts on “The Bottles Be Glowing Store Is Open

  1. I noted that each bottle that is posted has a little background into how it was created. Love it! It really says something about the artist when they can show what they have put into the things that they have made. A nice personal touch.

    Wishing you much success,


  2. The “Happy Place” bottle (featured above) sold! If you want to check out Jesse’s other crafted bottles, be sure to follow the link to her store!

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