April 17, 2021
Wedding Table Bottle Decor featured image

Wedding Table Decorations Wine Bottle Lights

If your are planning a wedding then you are probably feeling a little overwhelmed right now.

For anyone who has ever planned a wedding this might seem like a major understatement. With so many things to consider why let wedding decorations be a hassle? We have found the perfect wedding decor item that can actually be used throughout the whole wedding and still be kept as a memorable keepsake afterward!

Wedding Table Bottle Decor

This charming bottle with lights centerpiece is a frosted bottle that acts as a decorative tabletop piece and also offers a warm romantic glow for the occasion. The bottle is adorned with gem stones on the bottom and has a heart shaped outline in the frosted glass.

Battery Operate Bottle Lights

Easy to operate. No cords or any electrical outlets needed. These independently operated bottles run off of three double A batteries and are included with each bottle. Setting up for your formal event has never been easier. Once they are in place all you will have to do later is simply turn them on!

Bottle Warm Glow Feel

Elegant bottle decorations. Another added bonus to these tastefully decorated bottles is that they can double as decor for both the wedding ceremony and the reception. Lightweight and easy to transport, you can easily get a double duty out of your decor!

Champagne Bottle Light

Perfect Ambiance. With a height of 11 and 1/2 inches tall, you won’t have to worry about these decorative features overtaking your dining tables. What better way to add a nice warm glow to your evening meal? The bottles come with a six hour timer so that you won’t have to worry about running around and shutting all the lights off at the end of the evening.

Tabletop Bottle Light Decor

Life “after” the party. There is no need to pack up your bottle decoration after the wedding only to have it hid away in a garage or attic. Add it to your homes own decoration and let it serve as a keepsake for that special day.

Each comes with a plastic base for easy resting on mantels, dressers & patios in or around your home – Bright Zeal

Take some of the stress out of your wedding planning and add these bottles with lights to your special event. You will not only be making your decorating easier but also be adding to the wedding couples memorable occasion!

All photos are courtesy of Bright Zeal

1 thought on “Wedding Table Decorations Wine Bottle Lights

  1. We used these at my sister’s wedding. The bases are made out of plastic and the cork is fake. I’m not putting them down I’m just telling you the way they are. They gave off a nice light for the evening and it was also kind of neat how they shut themselves off at the end.

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