August 6, 2020
Custom Wine Bottle Lamp

Bottles with Lights were appreciated at a local fundraiser

Two Wine Bottles With Lights We Donated To A Local Fundraiser.

A co-worker of mine recently told me about his brother’s misfortune involving an automobile accident. He survived the crash but will need extensive physical therapy to recover. A benefit dinner was being planned and charitable donations for silent auction items were being collected. The bottle lamp collection seemed like a natural fit.

Bottles with lights for fundraiser

Bottle with lights for fundraiser

Donating one of the Rex Goliath bottles with a multi color string in it as well as a Turning Leaf with an added decoration to the outside made the perfect pair.

If you would like us to donate a recycled bottle with lights for your fundraising or charity event, please contact us at

Please include your name, details about the fundraising or charity event, and any other information that might help us pick the perfect bottle for you.

You will need to pay for shipping if you don’t live within easy driving distance of us. We are located in Alexandria, Minnesota.

Best wishes,

Nick and Silke

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