August 6, 2020

Two lighted bottle projects by Edward

Edward send us the following email: “Good Morning, I wanted to thank you for your website. I’m not much of a hobbyist or DIY’er but have recently had a desire to make oil lamps from Mason Jars and lighted lamps with bottles. I followed your directions for cutting the holes in the bottles and it worked […]

LED Bottle Lamp by Ryan

A while ago Ryan inspired us to make a video tutorial on How to Splice Wire and Attach a Bottle Lamp Kit. Needless to say, we were very excited to get this message from him: “Hey Nick and Silke! I’m still working on the bottle lamp project! I wired it up but I have to […]

Hummingbird Bottle Light by Jackie

We received another awesome DIY Show Off picture. This one of a kind Hummingbird Bottle Light was sent in by Jackie. Here is what Jackie told us in her email: “hi, here is my humming bird bottle. i used the slid decals where you put them under warm water first. i cut my own bottles […]

Blue Bottle Light by Liz

This beautiful blue bottle light was send in by Liz, she says: “Your video made the drilling a breeze, only ruined one bottle when practicing. Going slow is the key and being very careful when you finally drill thru the bottle to not have the drill bang against it. It has been fun. Here is […]

Liquid Filled Bottle Lamps by Steve

WOW! Take a look at these liquid filled liquor Bottle Lamps by Steve. What an impressive line up. Here is what Steve sent us: Here are a few of my creations using recycled liquor bottles.   I drill out the bottoms, insert tubing, seal off the bottom and add colored water to match the true liquor.  Seal […]

Six Lighted Bottles by Angel

Angel sent us a picture of the six different wine and liquor bottles she turned into lighted bottles. Here is what Angel said in her email: “Thanks for the inciteful video and instructions! The attached photo shows the 6 bottles we did today. We still need to decorate them, but wanted to share! Thanks again!” […]

Jack Daniels Bottle Lamp

Absolut Vodka and Jack Daniel’s Lighted Bottles by Julie

Julie emailed us a while ago about how to drill a square bottle. We will write an article and post her question and give tips on what to look for when drilling square bottles under our DIY Projects category. In the meantime, Julie succeeded in drilling a square Jack Daniel’s bottle as well as an […]

Set of 4 Lighted Bottles by Mary

We received this email along with a picture from Mary, she gracefully allowed us to share it with you. :) I have completed my first set of 4 bottles and have attached a photo of them (with their lights off). My husband drilled the holes in the bottles, thanks to your excellent “How To” video. […]

Tequila Bottle Lamps by Roberto

Nick and I received this wonderful email along with several pictures of finished bottle lamps from Roberto Gomez this afternoon: “Hello Silke and Nick.  My name is Roberto Gómez. I´m live in Guadalajara México. Since a long time I have the idea for making my own lamps made from bottles, a few weeks ago I […]

DIY Show Off - Recycled Bottle Project

Jack Daniels Bottle Lamp by Sutton

Thank you Sutton for sending us a picture of your awesome Jack Daniels bottle lamp. It turned out excellent! We asked Sutton if he had any comments about his bottle lamp making experience. Here is what he said: “This was a first DIY project for me. I made the mistake of drilling too quickly and […]