January 22, 2021
BottleLampCommunity Instagram


A year end reflection on the Bottle-Lamp website and the social media sites that allow us to stay in touch with our fellow bottle crafters.

BottleLampCommunity Instagram

Instagram BLCproject Update III

An update to our popular Instagram account. The Bottle Lamp Community is growing and the #BLCproject continues to be popular as well.

Workman's Friend

Workman’s Friend Superior Barrier Skin Cream Review

Are you rolling up your sleeves and getting ready to delve into your next messy project? Before you get too far into it, let me tell you about a time saving tool that you’ll want to have in your tool box from now on. We were lucky enough to score some samples of a new […]

Popular Bottle Crafts

Favorite Bottle Craft Projects On Bottle Lamp

We have compiled a list of some of our most popular bottle crafts from the Bottle-Lamp website. Over the years we have had the chance to showcase many beautiful bottles right here. We compiled this list from our most viewed pages and put them all together. If you need a little inspiration or just want […]

2017 BLGA Featured Image

6th Annual Winter Giveaway

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, it’s time for our Giveaway! At Bottle-Lamp, we can’t help but feel super excited about this annual event. The 2017 giveaway has a whooping nine prizes! Earlier this year we polled you, our readers, to find out what you would like to see for prizes. It was […]

Bottle Crafts DIY Facebook Page

The Bottle-Lamp Niche Community

Defining a ‘niche community’ with an application to the bottle-lamp website. To fully understand a niche community lets break it into bite size pieces. Niche – a place or position suitable or appropriate for a person or thing: to find one’s niche in the world. Community – a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of […]

LED Starry String Lights by innotree

LED Starry String Lights

Highlighting areas around your home just got easier. Warning: This is not your Dad and Mom’s Christmas light string. The fond memories of decorating for Christmas include going through strings of lights and determining which ones worked and which ones didn’t. Once you had them all sorted out you then began the lengthy process of […]

Make your own DIY Bedside Lamp

DIY Bedside Lamp

Creating your own personalized DIY bedside lamps is easier than you think. With a simple glass drill bit and a lamp kit you to can create your own bedside lamp. Warning – If you want to keep balance in your bedroom it is highly suggested that you plan to make two of these lamps. Of […]

DIY Bacardi Pendant Light

Color Cord Company Standard Plug-In Pendant Light

If you have the bottle cutting tools then the Color Cord Company has an easy to use Pendant Light Kit for you. I have been trying to envision a bottle craft project for quite some time now and just need all the right things to fall into place so that it could come together. One […]

Replacement Carbide Cutting head for BOTTLE CUTTER ONLY

When to change your Carbide Cutting Head for Creators Bottle Cutter

To keep things running smoothly with your bottle cutter you will want to maintain the edge on your cutting head. You have had your Creator’s Bottle Cutter for awhile now and everything that it has produced as been anything but spectacular. But you’ve started to notice that the edges aren’t quite what they used to […]