August 11, 2020
cut square bottle project idea

2015 Most Popular Bottle Lamp Projects On Pinterest

It was a very exciting year for us and many of our fellow bottle crafters.

We saw a ton of new and inspiring craft ideas made from recycled bottles in 2015. It was truly a fun year!

It’s always interesting and fun to look back and reminisce with the bottle craft projects. If you look back at the last year you might see some familiar ‘pins’ and you might find something new that you have never seen before. Either way, let us know which ones you have enjoyed. You can also throw in some ‘honorable mentions’ as well!

#10 Fireball Bottle with Lights

Fireball Bottle with Lights

#9 Make a bottle lamp for your #mancave or to give to a friend.

Hendricks Gin Bottle Lamp

#8 Mermaid Lighted Wine Bottle, Hand Painted Lamp Illuminated Night Light, Nautical Beachy Starfish Home Decor, Beach Art, Tropical Gift, Ocean

Mermaid bottle light

#7 This is so awesome! Would be cool for Christmas as well.

Halloween bottle light

#6 How to make a Jack Daniels Bottle Lamp **DIY Jack Daniels Lamp**

Lamp with Jack Daniels' bottle

#5 Winter Scene Gallon Jug LED Bottle Light by BottlesBeGlowing

Bottles Be Glowing lighted bottle

#4 Silver Patron and Fireball Whiskey Lighted Bottles by Ruth | How to Make A Bottle Lamp

Silver Patron Bottle with Lights

#3 This is a wonderful, home made gift idea for the Holiday season! Simply use a Holiday print fabric for the cover and cinnamon or pine scented potpourri.

DIY Potpourri Warmer

#2 Learn how to cut square bottles. Project idea for Jack Daniel’s candle. #howto #recycledcrafts

cut square bottle project idea

#1 Lighted Absolut and Jack Daniel’s Bottles by Julie | How to Make A Bottle Lamp

Jack Daniels Bottle Lamp

There you have it. These 10 picks were compiled from the Pinterest analytics page that tracked impressions based on the Bottle Crafts page. We kept the titles exactly the same as they appear on Pinterest.

Do you see something you like? Did we miss your favorite Recycled Bottle Project? Let us know and leave a comment below! :)

2 thoughts on “2015 Most Popular Bottle Lamp Projects On Pinterest

  1. Very cool! I’ve been coming back to your site every few weeks or so to check out your new bottles. I’ve gotten lots of ideas. Thanks guys!

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