November 27, 2020
Beer bottle party lights

Beer Bottle Party Lights

This fun recycled bottle project using cut beer bottles and a string of lights is another perfect DIY Show Off.

Ray from Creator’s Stained Glass send us the following message via email. “My brother-in-law never cut glass before. I gave him a bottle cutter and neck cutter a few weeks ago.”

The results are very impressive as you can see for yourself in these pictures.

cut bottle party lights

Beer Bottle Party Lights

Thanks to Creators Stained Glass and the bottle neck cutter!! I made a set of bar party lights.

The lights are battery-powered with a timer and blink mode.

Bob Miller

Finally we have a device to quickly and easily turn old, empty glass bottles into great bottle art and DIY projects.

You can make glass guitar slides for the perfect sound or use the Creator’s Bottle Neck Cutter to make vases, terrariums, unique napkin rings, drinking glasses, hanging lights, bird feeders and bar party lights within minutes.

Creator's Bottle Neck Cutter

Nick literally took this tool out of the box and shot a complimentary video that coincides with his bottle neck cutter review post. It was that easy to use! By using the hot/cold method to separate his score line the whole process took less than five minutes. The time included heating the water, and the sanding as well. :)

Simply set the stabilizing plug in the bottle opening, adjust the height of the score by turning the knob, hold the sides of the cutter firmly and then rotate the bottle while applying pressure. This bottle crafting tool is able to cut tapered and straight bottles up to a depth of approximately four-and-a-half inches.

Purchase your own Creators Bottle Neck Cutter on Amazon!

Do you have a project in mind to use this bottle neck cutter? What do you think of Bob’s party lights? Leave us a comment below.

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2 thoughts on “Beer Bottle Party Lights

  1. Thanks Nick & Nick,
    I made this for a Christmas present for my son for his bar. Of course I used “Miller” bottles. The bottle neck cutter made it real easy.

    – BOB –

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