January 19, 2021
Most used Bottle Lamp Kit

Bottle Lamp Kits Explained

Are you confused by the different types of Lamp Kits available?

So was one of our readers recently, she asked us the following question:
“When making a lamp with shade, the kit you show for the top part does not have a harp. I am confused as to wether I need a harp or not. Can you please advise. Love your site, can’t wait to make my first one. Thank you, Liz”

Bottle Lamp Kits Explained

There are different kinds of lamp shades as well as lamp shade kits available. The kit with the harp needs a lamp shade with a small hole on top to attach to the harp. I think this one is used mostly for bigger lamps like floor lamps or larger table lamps. The lamp kit we usually use, the one we have on our Resources page, uses a lamp shade that sits under the light bulb. It is available on Amazon for only $9.95.

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We have purchased several inexpensive lamp shades that accommodate this lamp kit by GE at Walmart.

Most used Bottle Lamp Kit

You can add your own style to these some times very plain looking lamp shades by adding trim, beads, fringes, etc. Start out with a lamp shade that matches your recycled bottle and go from there. You can also find several other different types of lamp kits online, all with a specific purpose in mind.

Here is a list of Lamp Kits and the best uses for them:

Make A Lamp Harp Kit

The Angelo Brothers Make A Lamp Kit has a brass plated 10″ detachable harp and push through on and off switch. Like I mentioned above, the harp lamp kit is used for lamp shades that have a small hole in the frame.

The lamp shade sits on top of the harp and is secured with a decorated screw on top. This kit is very easy to install and has an eight foot brown cord. Keep in mind that some harps can be a bit wobbly. You might want to re-enforce the harp, especially if the lamp shade is heavy. Lamp kits with harps are available with 7, 8, 9, and 10 inch harps.

Candlestick Adapter 

The Candlestick Adapter from B & P comes with a 3/4″ base. This kit is also very easy to install, comes with a white cord and has a sliding on and off switch on the cord.  For this particular bottle lamp kit you will not need a lamp shade. You can simply place a cut bottle (remove the base of a wine bottle with a bottle cutter) over the candlestick and insert a flickering light bulb.

Cork Stopper Lamp Kit

This lamp kit is perfect for turning vintage wine bottles into lamps if you’re apprehensive about drilling a hole and running the risk of breaking the bottle. The cork stopper lamps conversion kit has the 6 foot cord attached to the light socket and sits outside of the bottle. It has a one inch cork that will fit most wine bottle openings.

Mason Jar Lamp Kit

Just like the name says, this lamp kit is used for mason jars or any type of jar that has an opening of 2 3/4 inches in diameter and a height of about 7/8 inch. This push thru style lamp socket is pre-wired and comes with a 8 foot silver cord. There is no drilling needed for this lamp kit, the wire is attached to the socket on top of the lid. All you have to do is attach the socket to the lid and then screw the lid to your jar. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Hanging Lamp Kit

Turn your empty wine or liquor bottles into a hanging pendant light with this single light mini pendant kit from Westinghouse Lighting. The white colored cord works well with most walls plus the 50 inch adjustable cord also allows you to set the height of the lamp.

We used this hanging lamp kit in Bronze for our Bailey’s Irish Cream Bottle Pendant Lamp, read our article to learn how to turn your own recycled bottle into a pendant light.

As you can see there are different Bottle Lamp Kits to choose from.

The one that is right for you depends on which lamp shade you’re planning on using, what type base your lamp has and if you are comfortable drilling a hole in glass.

Still not sure which lamp kit to use or where to find it? Leave us a comment below. 

32 thoughts on “Bottle Lamp Kits Explained

  1. Hi Steven, the cork stopper lamp kit is Complete and Ready To Use. All you need is a lampshade that sits on top of the light bulb. Hope this helps.

  2. I had purchased a bottle lamp kit from your company. I have been trying to get the socket shell apart from the socket interior so that I can get the wires hooked up to the terminal screws. Is there an easy way to get them apart. I am having no luck at getting ours apart. Thank you for your help.

    Carol Anderson

    1. Linda,

      Do you happen to have the lid fior this container? One of the growlers that I put together had a similar problem. I was able to drill a hole through the lid and use it (the lid) as my lamp post holder. The diameter of the hole that you drill through the lid should coincide with the diameter of the lamp kit post.

      Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any more questions or if you need clarification on what I mentioned above.

  3. I have a 750ml patron bottle with the hole in place. I don’t have the cork to hold my base with. I purchased a Westinghouse lamp kit but the rubber stopper is way to small. I also looked for corks online but no luck. Can anyone help with a solution? I tried to purchase a female adapter but had no luck. I will try any ideas if anyone can help.

    1. David,

      Every light kit that I have purchased have never once included a stopper that actually fit. You’re not alone. What I ended up doing was adding a layer of duct tape to the closest fitting stopper so that it would fit more snuggly. This involved ripping strips of duct tape that were the same width as the stopper. Once you tighten down the fixture it will expand to fit the width of the opening and will stay on secure.

      Hope this helps,


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  5. Do the cords with inline switches come in any other color but white? I want something that doesn’t stand out so much.

  6. I am looking for a multi bottle kit so that I can have three bottles with a drill hole in the bottom of each and then a led light put through each hole but the three wires are all connected to one electrical wire and plug can you help me please

    1. Jeremy,

      It looks like a pendant light. Which one exactly I’m not sure. I’ll do some snooping around and see what I can find. It looks like it sits right in the neck of the bottle.

    1. Jeremy,
      I might have something for you. After looking around at the various different types of light kits it looks like they might just have a kit that you can use. Here’s a link for a “Creative Hobbies® ML2-15B6 Medium Christmas Tree Wiring Kit, 15 watt bulb, Great For Lighting Medium Size Objects“. The bulb is identical to the one that is shown in your picture. So once you have the kit, all you will have to do is drill a hole in the cork for your light fixture to fit. I have done this before and it turned out really nice. My drill edge looked a little rough but the light cap concealed it quite nicely.

  7. I did see this one. I was just worried the threaded cylinder wouldn’t be long enough. What do you think? Also does this require any soldering?

    1. Jeremy,
      This one doesn’t require any soldering. The length should work for what you need. If you do need a longer threaded piece you can try a local hardware store. Will you want to convert the plug in to a three prong?

  8. I need to attache a bottle to a pipe lamp project. I don’t want to cut the bottle but instead use a slender bulb through the opening of the bottle. I have seen pics where they use a 1to 3/4 coupling with a rubber gasket. Can you help? I am trying to build this for my husband. I can send a pic

  9. I would like to put a light inside the bottle straight down (night light) aa well as one with a shade light out the top best of both worlds is it possible

    1. Kevin,

      The top part I’ve done before but it’s getting the light inside that I’m trying to figure out. You could run the inside light like a pendant and simply let it hang off the bottom of your top side lamp kit. This would mean more wires running through the bottle neck. It could get tight.

  10. I have some large demijohns purchased in Europe that I would love to turn into pendant lights. I clicked the links about to purchase a lighting kit- but I need a kit that has a good solid clamp to attach to the top of the demijohn. Do you a kit or suggestion?

    1. Sally,

      Great question! Most bottle lamp kits are limited to either white or brown. Pendant lights on the other hand offer a wide array of colors and fabric coated cords. Why can’t they both get on the same page?
      I found this kit that is black and is designed so that you won’t have to drill the glass

      This was all that I could find right now. Hope this helps.
      Happy Crafting!

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