January 25, 2021
Drill or No Drill Bottle Lamp Kits

Choosing The Right Bottle Lamp Kit For You

To drill or not to drill? That is the question. The answer lies in your own tools and level of involvement that you want to apply. An easy answer would be more in line with; Do you want to drill your glass bottle or simply convert it over to a functioning lamp with no hassle at all. The road with the least resistance might offer a faster solution but taking the time to make the extra effort will have it’s benefits as well.

No Drill Bottle Lamp Kit

The ‘No Drill’ approach. You have a bottle that’s so much more than just a bottle. It’s a keepsake. The bottle of bubbly that you opened to christen your new home, your new life, your special day. It’s now empty and two steps from being taken out to the curb with all of yesterday’s news. But the nagging feeling that this particular object has sentimental value to you prevents you from simply discarding it. You don’t see trash, you see potential. Now here’s where things get a little dodgy. You want to up-cycle it into a lamp but your gut instinct knows better. Your gut instinct is telling you that if you even think about drilling this glass bottle, it will disintegrate and leave you with nothing. My advice? Listen to your instinct. If you find yourself in this exact situation then why put yourself through the headache? Sure it could turn out perfect or it could go horribly wrong and you will blame yourself for all eternity for this simple mistake. This might look like the easy way out but nobody’s going to blame you for playing it safe when it comes to irreplaceable value.

The Glass Drilling approach

The ‘Glass Drilling’ approach. You are a care free spirit. One who likes to live life on the edge. That and you just happen to have an empty bottle of your favorite beverage in your hand. The thrill seeker in you is ready to take the plunge and make something out of the ordinary. Your armed with confidence and the knowledge that if things don’t work out the way you planned, there’s a whole recycle bin down the street filled with these exact same bottles. No pressure, full speed ahead. You’ll need some equipment to handle this challenge so let’s start with the glass drilling drill bits. These are now ordinary drill bits. These bits are designed to handle glass bottles and glass tiles with infinite precision. To make everything look professional you will also want to get yourself some rubber grommets. These handy little devices will make your drilled hole look even more sharp and make you look like a consummate professional.

More options, more choices. Now that you’ve come this far you have the option to take your bottle lamp even further! That’s right. As if all of this could get any better? How about a filler to add to your empty vessel? By adding something to your empty bottle you will: 1) hide the electrical cord that runs through the bottle, and 2) give your lamp some stability.

Bottle Lamp without and with a filler

So there you have it! The choice is yours but hopefully we made it a little easier for you to decide. Remember, if you only have one shot at getting it right, then take the safe way and keep your piece of mind intact. Adventure awaits another day.

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