January 18, 2021
DIY coffe table ideas

Cost-effective Coffee Table Ideas You Must Consider

Looking for a coffee table that fits your budget? You are in the right place then!

A coffee table is often used as a complement to the living room. However, the right choice of it gives a chic outlook to your room. The style and the color of the coffee table mostly depend on the theme of your living room and we also consider the fact if it fits with the type of furniture that is already present.

A coffee table does not only complete the look of your living room, but it also gives you joy for making the right choice of buying or making it whenever you put your mug of organic coffee or any other relaxing drink on it. 

While considering buying a new coffee table or making one yourself, you must know that it can be made up of various materials.

The variety of materials allows you to choose the one that goes with the other furniture in your living room. For instance, in a modern themed living room, plastic or metallic coffee table looks best, whereas, if your other furniture is of antique style then a wooden coffee table works well.

A Coffee Pot Lamp for your coffee table

A homemade coffee pot lamp for your DIY coffee table

If your room is of small or medium size, then you must consider buying a table with glass or a storage coffee table that provides you a lot of space to store your stuff such as magazines, a book, your DIY Bottle Lamp, etc. that you usually prefer to read while sipping your coffee. 

If you are considering adding a coffee table to your room, or you are replacing the old one, you should be clear about the fact if you want to buy it or make it yourself. You can look up for the best sale options in your town via social media or the newspapers. Other than that, some furniture brands also offer exchanging options where you can exchange your old coffee table and some little amount of money to get a new one.

It is hard to find a budget-friendly coffee table that suits your needs and fits your choice, so making a perfect one for yourself is highly recommend. Contrary to what you are thinking at the moment it is very easy to make a coffee table, and to top it all, it is cost-effective.

DIY coffee table

Here are some DIY tips that can help you assemble a coffee table that fits your need:

Birch Log or Pallets:

Logs and pallets are something that are usually present in our living room when we’re young adults. It is very easy to mold them into the shape or object of choice by merely using some simple tools and wooden glue. Making a coffee table out of pallets or logs will not just give your living room a trendy look, but it will also grab the attention of your guests because the wood in its original form never fails to impress.


Copper is a beautiful shiny metal that gives your furniture a glamorous look. If you pair a plain wooden top with a copper frame beneath it, you will get near to perfection result. This idea works best for small rooms as the table gives a spacious look to the room and it enhances the beauty of the rug beneath it. Besides being convenient to be made, it is cost-effective too.

Glass Top:

As discussed earlier the wooden pallets are the perfect material to be assembled into a coffee table. Adding a glass top will not only enhance its beauty, but it will also give it a neat look. Having said that, this DIY coffee table is suitable for less spacious rooms. Moreover, placing your mug of Thai coffee or cappuccino on the glass top will give you a sense of delight in making the best accessory for your living room. 

Crate Storage:

Pairing a wooden slab or a sheet of glass with storage crates can give you a chic storage coffee table. It gives you leverage to put your living room stuff in it and on it. A storage coffee table makes room for your usual stuff, that was dispersed throughout the room otherwise, and was a struggle to find every morning. Recycling the materials yet staying modern is a talent not known to all!


Coupling pipelines with a wooden top is the easiest possible way to make a coffee table. It does not only save you from the trouble of cutting wood or any other material, but it also appears to be a stylish addition to your living room.

Now you have got some cost-effective ideas for your coffee table, make sure to choose the right one for your living room.

Things like these do not only turn your house into a home but they are also a source of memories. Ten years from now you might be able to recall how your child took his first step by holding onto the coffee table. Choose the things that will furnish your memories with elegance and beauty! 

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