August 11, 2020
Creators Bottle Cutter Give A Perfect Score Every Time

Creator’s Bottle Cutter

The evolution in cutting bottles and key features of the Creator’s Bottle Cutter.

If you have ever wanted to give bottle cutting a try, but never did, then there has never been a better time then the present. My own adventures in bottle cutting started a few years ago with a piece of string, finger nail polish, and a butane lighter. The end result was not pretty. My back yard patio table was a mess and the bottle looked like something somebody might use in a bar fight scene out of an old western movie.

The bucket of water that I attempted to do the separation process was half spilled on the table and what was left in the bucket had a film of the nail polish still floating on the top. A complete mess and a total waste of time. I was resolved to the notion that I would have to purchase a wet cutting saw that construction workers use to cut tiles. This really seemed extreme. Not only would it have been hard to justify the cost of owning something like this but then it would just end up taking space in our house. There had to be a better way.

The Creator’s Bottle Cutter to the rescue. I wish that I could say that this wonderful device was my next transition in the evolution of my bottle cutting adventures. If only life were that easy! After many trials and errors one of our readers pointed me to the Creator’s Bottle Cutter.

Creator's Bottle Cutter Device

I am really quite obsessive about having a perfectly straight and clean bottle break. I purchased just about one of every bottle cutter on the market and found the best one so far to be Creator’s Glass Premium Bottle Cutter.”

Regards, Sean

This was a couple of years ago already and there really weren’t a lot of bottle cutters on the market at the time.

Today you can pick one up in your local hardware store. My only thought on that…  ‘you get what you pay for.’

After receiving the Creator’s Bottle Cutter I was up and running in little or no time at all. It was really exciting to see the process of cutting bottles actually work! Pinterest has thousands of different ideas for cutting bottles and they all look like something that I want to try one day. No longer sitting on the side lines it was time to really start making some glass bottle projects.

My enthusiasm was so great that I wrote up a review titled – Creator’s Bottle Cutter Review By Bottle-Lamp.

Some of the key features of the Creator’s Bottle Cutter are:
12″ long, 6″ high, and 5″ wide
CSG-10 Carbide Cutting Head
Bright Dipped Anodized Aluminum Carriage
Stainless Steel Carriage Rods
High Impact-Resistant Polycarbonate Base
Ruler is in Inch and Metric
Rubber Coated Sealed Ball Bearings
Precision-Engineered and Anealled Spring to give Correct Scoring Pressure
Blade Holder with Dual Pointers and Easy Access Thumb Screws
Adjustable Rubber Coated Bushings
Silicone Bumpers for Stabilization

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Here are some of the key features of the Creator’s Bottle Cutter that proved to be beneficial for the projects that I wanted to work on.

  • This bottle cutter will cut both square and round bottles.
  • The measuring device is helpful in that you can set your depth to an exact measurement and have consistent cuts every time.
  • In one of the videos that we made, I was able to cut glass rings that actually were all symmetrical.

Cutting glass rings that were all the same depth was a major plus because of the wind chime project that I wanted to do. After scoring the bottle three times, the separation process was done repeatedly to get all of my glass rings together.

If you are serious about bottle cutting then I really can’t emphasize enough the quality and craftsmanship that you will get when you purchase The Creator’s Bottle Cutter.

Creators Bottle Cutter And A Bottle Of Ravens Wood Wine

A high-tech, dependable Bottle Cutter that is simple to use and creates precise scores around the bottle. Constructed from a poly-carbonate plastic, durable stainless steel slide bars, enclosed rubber coated ball bearing rollers (to keep out glass slivers), and is the only Made In USA bottle cutter with a carbide cutting wheel.

This is our go-to bottle cutter and can score beer bottles, wine bottles, square bottles, triangular bottles and even oval bottles. Cut just about any bottle with a flat bottom for endless crafting possibilities.

Only $94.99 plus free shipping and over 370 customer Amazon reviews.

Buy Now

Do you have a question or comment about The Creator’s Bottle Cutter? Please leave us a comment below. We would enjoy your input and feedback.

6 thoughts on “Creator’s Bottle Cutter

        1. They Best Bottle Cutter website has a page with the replacement part that you’re looking for right at the bottom. You will also find that they have a convenient shopping cart to make the purchase.

  1. My hubby bought me a Creators bottle cutter for Christmas last year. I use mine mostly for cutting regular wine bottles and make candles to give to my friends and neighbors. It’s really easy to use, even for an older lady like myself. Love your blog by the way, I’ve gotten lots of ideas for future projects.

    1. Sara,
      Your husband has good taste. I just wanted to let you know that Bottle-Lamp has a DIY Show Off page. The Creator’s Bottle Cutter really does come in handy for bottle crafting projects. If you would like to share some pictures with us, we can do a write up for you.

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