January 25, 2021
Creator's Over The Top Bottle Cutter

Creator’s Over The Top Bottle Cutter Review

The definition of enhance – to improve something, or to make it more attractive or more valuable.

When I reviewed the Creator’s Bottle Cutter four years ago, I couldn’t imagine a more perfect bottle cutting tool. Luckily for all of us, Ray Nicholas wasn’t going to rest on his laurels. With an innovative new design, the Over The Top Bottle Cutter (OTTBC) has the flexibility to enhance the bottle scoring process and allow for more adaptability to conform to different size bottles.

Creator's Over The Top Bottle Cutter Box

Unpacking – The bottle cutter arrived in a H 3 1/2″ W 12 3/4″ x D 12 1/4″ box. There was a minimal amount of assembly and all the small parts came in a resealable plastic bag. This is perfect for someone who will want to store it away while it’s not in use. The six page instruction manual was printed on 8 1/2″ by 11″ sheets of paper and came with photo illustrations to accompany the directions. I personally felt that this was noteworthy and very much appreciated since I’ve assembled countless pieces of furniture and other gadgets that looked like the information was printed on bar napkins in the smallest font available.

Carefully designed and constructed – The base plate, referred to as a “waffle grid“, is both sturdy and light weight. Both of the “goal posts” have the lug nuts already positioned into the base. Once you have slipped the cross beam that holds the scoring wheel onto the two posts you will discover that this is the only stationary component. Both of the “slide roller assemblies” and the “back stop post” can be re-positioned on the grid. This flexibility allows you to accommodate your varying size and shape bottles.

Creator's Over The Top Bottle Cutter

One size does not fit all – One of the biggest hurdles that any glass bottle cutter has is the size and shape of the bottle that it can score. Many scoring devices can only adapt to beer bottles and small wine decanters. With the Over The Top Bottle Cutter both the swiveling cutting wheel and adjustable back stop will allow you to accommodate many different sized bottles. There is a second “waffle grid” that you can interlock so that you can score even longer bottles!

A bottle craft project – I wanted to do something that would highlight the diversity that this particular bottle cutter offered. I have made a bottle hurricane lamp before but this time I would be doing it with one single tool. By cutting off the end of the bottle and then taking off around the neck, I would be able to demonstrate what the swivel scoring wheel was actually capable of doing.

Shifting pressure points – One of the biggest changes from other bottle cutters comes from where you apply the pressure to the bottle during the scoring process. Previously you would hold the bottle down on the scoring wheel and make the rotation. With the OTTBC, you are now applying pressure to the scoring wheel itself, allowing you more control over the rotation process. Unless you have worked with other bottle cutters this may seem unimportant, but if you’re like me, you’ll notice how much smoother scoring the bottle feels. I found myself putting less pressure on the score which in turn made rotating the bottle a lot easier.

Moving parts – You can really make a lot of adjustments with this bottle cutter. Once I had my bottle into a close proximity to where I wanted to make the score, the final adjustment on the “cross beam” allowed me to get it precisely where I wanted it. Next I wanted to score around the neck of the bottle. I took both “stainless rods” off of the “waffle grid” along with the “back stop post”. By simply removing the extra “waffle grid” and switching it to the opposite side, I was now in position to make my second score. All of this moving around might sound tedious but that’s what make this cutter so special. You can modify it to your own liking and you are no longer confined to the limits of the bottle cutter that you’re working with.

Bottle Hurricane Lamp

Creator’s Over The Top Bottle Cutter Summary

Having a bottle cutting tool that opens so many doors of opportunity is really a gift. The OTTBC is carefully constructed and working from the original Creator’s Bottle Cutter, more detail has been given to the scoring process down to the catchment of the glass chips that may result while you’re scoring a bottle. Lightweight and easy to set up, you will be able to start scoring bottles in no time at all.

One of the things that I missed from the original was the ruler on the back that allowed you set an exact measurement. This came in handy while I was cutting glass rings (all of the same width and cut from the same bottle) for a wind chime set that I had made. Both bottle cutters use the same scoring head and can easily be replaced when they become dull. I have been using the original one for over four years now and I have only replace that wheel twice.

Creator’s Over The Top Bottle Cutter

The Creator’s company has been innovating glass tool products for years now. Along with both of the bottle cutters they also make the Mouse Ledge, Bottle Neck Cutter, and the Glastopper Bottle Stems.

Be sure to leave us some feedback about your own experiences that you’ve had cutting glass bottles in the comment section down below.

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    1. It certainly has the capability to cut a square bottle. By putting the module bar in a vertical alignment perpendicular to the Waffle Surface. You would not be using the rollers for this. We haven’t gotten that far yet or really tried it yet. Right now we can only say maybe. Whenever we invent a product, we see more and more things that product can do. Some things take a bit more finesse.   ;- )

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