August 3, 2020
Bottle cutting project ideas

Five Fun Glass Project Ideas

Using the Kinkajou Glass Bottle Cutter will allow you to create many craft projects.

The glass bottle cutter opens up a whole new world of glass bottle crafting. We thought it would be fun to showcase some of the many different craft ideas that you will have with your bottle cutter. If you already have or you plan on purchasing the Kinkajou Bottle Cutter, then here are some bottle craft ideas to help you get inspired.

5 Kinkajou Bottle Cutter Projects

The Glass Bottle Vase
Kinkajou Bottle Cutter Project

It’s not too hard to imagine up-cycling the many different beer bottles that have become quite eye catching with their logos and labels. Finding the right place to separate the neck from the design will let your glass bottle’s design become really show cased.

Beer Bottle Party Light String

Rolling Rock Beer Bottle Party Lights

Now that you’ve re-purposed and cut the bottom part of the bottle with your Kinkajou bottle cutter, don’t throw away that glass bottle neck so fast. By incorporating a simple light string you will also give these tops a new mission. Your summer back yard patio area will have a new swag that the neighbors will be talking about well into the fall!

Bottle Top Stems

Bottle cutting tool and craft ideas

The Bottle Cutting Inc. brought you the Kinkajou bottle cutter also made these really cool Jabiru Bottle Top Stems The Friday Night Fun Edition. These fun little add-ons will give you another reason to hold on to your cut bottle necks. Fun sized shot glasses are perfect for any party!

Pendant Light

Bottle Pendant Light

Picking up a pendant light kit and merging your favorite glass bottle has never been easier. Once you’ve removed the bottom of your bottle with your bottle cutter you will be able to try different sized light bulbs to give you the right amount of lighting for your room.

Votive Candle Holder

Cut Beer Bottle Candle

With a bottle cutter you can turn any glass bottle into a candle. Purchasing bulk bags of candle wax and wicks will allow you give your glass bottles new illumination. Having the candle wax kit makes this fun project even easier. The candle wax can have different scents and colors. There are many different options for freshening up a room or add a dash of citronella to help keep the bugs away in the back yard.

Have you tried the Saber Tooth Diamond Sanding Pads yet? This is a very useful tool to help sand the edges of your newly cut glass bottles. It will definitely help keep your bottle edges smooth and your finished craft project looking perfect.

Nick reviews the Saber Tooth Sanding Pads

Cutting your glass bottles takes practice, persistence and a finishing touch.

Sanding glass can be relatively easy as long as you have the right tools to do it. Conventional wet sandpaper will work in a pinch but really is not built to last. With minimal effort you will find that the pads will take off the rough edges and give your cut glass bottles the smooth finish you want for all of your bottle crafting projects.

Bottle cutting project ideas

Get Your Own Bottle Cutter

With so many different project ideas to do, you will always have a way to re-purpose your old recycled glass bottles. If you enjoy doing different bottle crafts and you would like to share your projects or ideas with us visit the link below. We would love to hear from you!

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