Five Of Our Favorite Jack Daniels Bottle Lamp Shades

Five Favorite Jack Daniels Lamp Shades

The mystique of the Jack Daniels bottle makes it the perfect bottle to be up-cycled. It begs the question: How can we just throw it away? If you’ve gone down this road and have made a bottle lamp from your empty JD bottle then you may have found yourself at a bit of a cross roads. How to top it off?

Let’s admit it. The lamp shade on any lamp is the final complimenting touch and it can literally make or break your DIY project. We really don’t want to see any bottle broken after this much effort has been put into up-cycling it. Below we have put together our favorite JD lamp shades. These lamp shades not only compliment the bottle but also help accentuate it as well.

Photo Courtesy of Worthpoint

The old paper feel adds a lot of character to the label image that partners it. By allowing the lamp shade to give the room that soft warm feel, this lamp shade shares the bottle’s true character.

Courtesy of ItsaGthingCO

A clean white background helps project this JD flavored gem.

Courtesy of Old Dog Screen Printing

The text font is all original here and doesn’t go after trying to recreate the bottle’s own label. Clean and straightforward, this lamp shade goes along with the original bottle quite nicely.

Courtesy of Sip Of Light

Here the soft lettering adds a nice signature touch to the finished project.

Courtesy of VarageSale

The biggest contrast out of all of the lamp shades is our final one that gives dimension to the texture and feel of the lamp shade. From the rusted metal panels to the actual ‘barbed’ wire, rustic charm never looked better.

No matter what bottle you are up-cycling, you always want the lamp shade to add to the bottles character and shape. If you have partnered the perfect bottle / lamp shade combination then please share it in the area below.

Happy Crafting!

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  1. Where can I buy the jack danials lamp shade with likeness of Jack Danials and “ Jack Danial Distillery” under it?

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